Imac i7 27" screen problems - please help

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I own a 27" Imac I7 (Late 2009) Model computer..

Recently I have noticed these lines that are appearing on my computer screen, the lines are definitely behind the glass cover and inside the screen itself. If you look at this on an angle its clear to see. The lines have appeared to get worse recently. 

Does anybody know what this problem is? Or what may have caused this?

There is no way any liquids have gotten into the computer, so that can be ruled out. 

Any help would be appreciated. It is still covered under apple care, so what happens with them and these problems? 


I have attached some photos, it was hard to see the lines but there are more lines scattered around the screen but all look the same as this.








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    You got caught in our spam filter for unknown reasons.

    Get it replaced. Apple is usually very good about that.
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    If you have Apple care.  Go to Apple.  Get them to sort it.  You pay enough for a Mac as it is.


    The screens on imacs aren't bullet proof.  I find they can suffer from image retention which can temporarily 'scar' the screen with high contrast images eg icons in games etc.  My screen on my iMac is becoming more prone to image retention as it goes on...(four years old now...)


    Luckily you're in Apple Care.  If it looks permanent take it to them.  They should be fine about it.


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