Is there a way to tell when someone calls?

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I heard somewhere that there is a software program that lets you know when someone is calling when you are online. Since 56k clogs up my one and only line, I would really like a program like this. Does anyone know where I could get it and if they make a version for Mac OS X. Thanks a bunch!

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    So you are not looking specifily for caller ID software but software to tell you when somebody is calling while you are online??
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    Yeah...sure, either way.

    I was under the impression that there were programs that did both, but just being notified of a call would be great!

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    So Uh? Anyone?
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    I solved the problem myself. DSL Baby! Coming in one week! AAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Can anyone say..."Faster than YOU!!!!"

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    My phone company (Southern New England Telephone) offers such software. While you are online, it tells you if someone is calling nd who it is, and gives you the option to take the call or direct it to voice mail. I don't know how much the service costs, or if other phone companies have similar options, but it does exist.
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