Best Buy 15" MacBook Pro doesn't have NVIDIA video processor?

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I went to a Best Buy store to confirm this---the Best Buy 15" MacBook Pros don't have the NVIDIA video processor that comes standard in a MacBook from an Apple store. Wtf? Anyone else confirm this or have a problem with it?


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    Total lies? What would… oh, do some companies do that? Does Dell only give Best Buy certain models or something?

    It's bull honkey. Best Buy has nothing the Apple Store doesn't. The dedicated GPU comes on if you're doing something graphical with the computer. Under light loads, the dedicated GPU is turned off and the integrated one takes over.


    About This Mac, More Information, System Report, Graphics/Displays. It'll show you both GPUs.

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    It didn't.
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    Originally Posted by iwarriorpoet View Post

    It didn't.


    *blink* What did it show?


    You're sure it was a 15", you're sure it was the most recent model, and in going here:




    you didn't see anything Nvidia related? 

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    Also look for the Model Identifier in System Report > Hardware Overview > Model Identifier.

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    Found it. Yeah, it is there. Thanks.
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