A plea for help against hackers

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This is a plea for any possible help as my mac is under constant attack fom hackers. All that is protecting me is some trial tcp/ip monitoring software, a trial fire wall and the fact that most hackers are too stupid to realise that someone may actually NOT be using windows!, therefore a windows logon will not work. Anyway anybody out there got any sugestions? All I have really heard about is Macanalist.


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    at home I setup my router to route all incoming port requests to an internal IP that doesn't exist. I'm on a cable connection, and my IP hasn't changed in months. I've never had any problems. if I need someone to connect to a box on my internal network, I'll allow access briefly, but then I set it all back to what it was before.
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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    If you have a broadband connection you will constantly have people probing your ports. A good start to your defense is a router that you set to not accept WAN requests. That way the hackers will not even know you are there. If you hook a Mac or PC directly to your modem then the hackers will receive a closed port response, but they will know you are there. Gibson Research at <a href="http://grc.com/default.htm"; target="_blank">http://grc.com/default.htm</a>; is a good place for info. Click on ShieldsUP and then click Probe My Ports.

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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    If you are running OSX, it has a firewall built in so do a google search for 'OSX firewall mac'
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    Download a nice little.... virus from my absolute favorite store ever, Hotline. Send it to the attacker.

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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    Or, run a packet sniffer to see who is barraging you (get their IP address). Snort is free and good, and etherpeek is fantastic. Then, grab NMap, portscan their IP address.

    NMap will probably be able to tell you which version of Windoze they are running. Look up exploits for it. Like if it's 95 or 98, you're in luck. You can fry them with one packet. Other versions are equally weak, though, and it's unlkely that Mr Script Kiddie keeps up with M$'s patches (who can?).

    I kid you not, there was an exploit for windows a few years back called the 'ping of death' where you sent one packet, which is supposed to go to port X, but by sending it to port Y instead, the remote machine would hard freeze. Hilarious! Repeat ad nauseum. Or write a Unix script that does one ping every, say, half hour.

    Of every hour.

    Every day.

    Every week.

    Mr Script kiddie will never figure it out, and will pull his hair out. That's when you look up exploits for Explorer and its major ActiveX/cookie/javascript weaknesses.
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    r. h.r. h. Posts: 56member
    Well, I know that this isn't really going to be a popular answer, but... I'd suggest ignoring the hack attempts altogether. Frankly, you're a Macintosh user, so the odds of them actually being able to do anything to your computer are pretty slim.

    However, if you're really all that worried about it, then you could just go to <a href="http://www.versiontracker.com"; target="_blank">www.versiontracker.com</a> and download BrickHouse (one word). It's a very good interface to the built-in MacOS X firewall.
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    or get the guys IP, open network utility, and click on traceroute then type the guys IP in the box, and hit return, the result is his ISP

    then turn this over to the police
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