Can anyone help these OS X Problems?

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My que CDRW drive(firewire) doesn't work with iTunes for OSX, how do I fix this?

Plus, I am wondering if I can instal OS 9 AFTER I installed OS X. When I installed OS X it required me to reformat my harddrive so I lost 9 then, and I tried after I installed X and that didn't work either. So I have OS 9 on one hardddrive and OS X on another, you think this will work?


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    I can't help with the CD-R issue. Remember, some CD-R's still just don't work in OSX or iTunes (outside of Toast). Post some specifics on the drive, though, and someone else may be able to help.

    Anyway, yes, you can install OS9 after OSX. There were some issues a long time ago where you couldn't do that, but I know for certain that it can be done with 10.1 (I've done it myself). You can have OS9 and OSX on either the same or different drives; it's really just a matter of how you like to organize them.

    Regardless, why did you have to reformat when you installed OSX? I can't recall any situation where someone had to reformat, except for the old Beige G3's that required OSX in the first 8 GB of the drive.

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    well actually maybe reformat is the wrong word, I think it actually was just erasing the orignal OS.

    When I was going to instal OS 9 it only would allow me to continue the instal on the samd hard drive as OS X if I erased the system folder. I was wondering if it ment it would erase the OS X system folder? I really would rather have the OS 9 on the same HD so if it crashes I can easily just undo one HD and keep my other as pure storage.
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    I've also done this before, actually. You can install on that drive without touching anything else on the drive; you simply need to do a clean install of the OS, like so:[*]Boot from the OS9 CD, start the Mac OS Install program, and hit continue,[*]Select the appropriate destination drive from the pull-down menu,[*]Hit the Options... button before going to the next screen (this is the important part) and check off Perform Clean Installation on that dialog box.

    Click OK and you should be able to continue as usual from there.
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