Apple working to adopt 802.11ac 5G Gigabit WiFi this year



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    I am certainly looking forward to the new Gigabit Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11AC to be implemented across the board on all of Apples products but I temper my anticipation when I read about it might not be 100% ready for prime time as of yet. From what I read Apple is not planning this for the October 2012 iPhone 5 launch. I presume they are working out the “bugs.” I sincerely hope they have worked out the bugs by March 2013 when the iPad IV arrives as the iPad 3 has been criticized for poorer Wi-Fi than the iPad 2 possibly related to the larger battery blocking reception.


    There are already Gigabit routers that broadcast the draft AC standard along with some hardware like the Asus Laptop. Apple will need a new Airport and Time Capsule that utilize AC. I presume all in good time when Apple has figured out how to “Applefy” these products to their highest possible standards.


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    Many manufacturers – including Apple favourite, Broadcom – have already launched chipsets that support the new standard.

    Many of which were launched and demoed at CES 2012 despite the fact that the 802.11ac has not yet been officially finalised as a standard.

    According to reports, developments with 802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi are occurring at a much faster rate than previous standards. 

    The 802.11ac standard, according to Apple Insider, ‘promises better networking range, improved reliability, and more power efficient chips, thanks to parallel advances in reducing chip size and enhancing power management.’

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    Broadcom is coming out with BCM4335 chip that will utilize 5G WiFi & lessen the interference the iPad 3 currently suffers from with its WiFi.

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    I'm crossing my fingers for this.
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