Can this be done in HTML?

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I have three frames, (title top frame, nav left frame, main body frame) in the body frame I have a layer with a small gradient that I want to stay put so the body content flows UNDER it like it's a drop shadow from the top frame.

Here's a pic of my idea.

is this possible? and if so how can I do it?

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    mithrasmithras Posts: 165member
    If you can fix the vertical length of the frame (ie you know it won't be longer than x pixels), just make a long vertical slice of your drop shadow. (ie a png or jpg that is 2-3 pixels wide, and 1000 or whatever pixels tall).

    then make the drop shadow the background of the frame with

    <body background="dropshadow" bgproperties="fixed">

    try it!
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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    I agree with the above,

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    arakageetaarakageeta Posts: 141member
    MacGuru wants the text to be able to flow under the grad. Mithras's solution won't allow that.

    Here's a guess, do what Mithras said but make it a gif with transparancy. Use transparent pixels (more along the bottom edge). To get an idea of what I am saying, take your gradient and change the color to ONLY black and white.

    The thing is, I think Mithras's solution will LOOK a lot better-- especially if you use the small height.

    I don't know how else to do what you want in HTML.
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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    what you want cannot be implemented in HTML An idea would be this though...

    I'm not sure how this is implemented, or if it is, but if you took an image with a mask, and embedded it into the page so that the QuickTime plug-in picks it up, you could, theoretically, put that embedded image into a layer that sits *above* the text.

    Again, I haven't tried it, but if multiple levels of transparency can be displayed in an image being rendered by the QuickTime plugin, you could do it this way.

    You could force the layer to stay at the top of that frame as well, but again, it's not something I've tried to do, and this is all purely theoretical, as the only limiting factor is trying to get an image with an alpha channel to render out properly through the QT plugin.

    Good luck
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