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I'd love some input on this because my exhaustive search of the net and calls to Microtek have yielded no results.

I am running a G4/400 with 896MB and an Adaptec 2903 (an OEM bundled card not a 2930). I also have a Microtek ScanMaker 5. The SCSI card came with the scanner. Aside from some recent lack of interaction between OS X and the scanner, I really like the way everything works. Until PhotoShop 7, restarting to OS9 was not an issue, but alas, I now have everything running in 10.1.4... except my scanner. The scanner does not run in Classic either.

Apple System Profiler does not see the SCSI card in OS X. (It's good in 9.)

Microtek claims that it should work in Classic, but offers me no more advice. Microtek has announced OS X and Classic updates for a number of scanner models, but not the ScanMaker 5.

So, here's my actual question: I have no other way to test this, but I suspect that issue is the lack of an OS X driver for the SCSI card. Could I be right? Should I take the plunge and purchase a new SCSI card or am I stuck with OS 9 reboot for scanning? I know $50 isn't that much, but I just dropped $2000 replacing another system in my network and this is the last system I have with SCSI. I'd rather not spend the money if I don't have to or if it won't work.

Any and all advice is welcome.


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    I had the same problem with my 2906 under X.

    It doesn't help that ur card is an OEM as they are usually PC which sometimes work under mac!

    Anyways whatever anyone says I have never heard anyone with a sucess story with SCSI and OS X try the SCSI helper app surf over to <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> and search under OSX for it ;-).

    May help may not also download the OSX scsi update from <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

    Hope this helps post if not and I will look into it further.
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