Analog Video Capture for TiBook OS X

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I am seeking suggestions for analog video capture for the new PowerBook. I was looking at some of the USB options. I have seen the Formac stuff, but the price is to high. Something for $150 or less would be cool. iREZ had a cool PC Card but I guess it does not work on the newer machines. A PC Card option would be the best, and give better quality then the USB stuff. TV Tuner's would work too, but I need it to work in OSX.


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    Take a look at the XLR8 Interview. It works well, don't remember the price off the top of my head, but I don't remember it being *that* expensive...
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    vampyre69vampyre69 Posts: 22member
    Buy the "Miglie Director Cut 2".

    It's Pal & NTSC!

    Has a i/o switch so it doesn't get confused about what its doing.

    Has a headphone monitor port and level control.

    Also you can run a TV from it so you can get colour representation when importing, which you won't get on your powerbook screen.

    Check it out <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

    at £299 + VAT it is well worth it.

    It might be more than the Hollywood bridge or the Formac but it offers a hell of a lot more and is more sturdy and stable.

    Hope this helps.
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