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Hi -

I am going to college with a new Ibook and I am wondering what the best way to connect the Ibook to my stereo is. I assumed it would be from the out headphone jack into the back of the amp. but on the apple website it says i can us the av something, and it also says that the headphone jack is 16 bit , is that high quality ?




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    cmn083cmn083 Posts: 35member
    While Your At it -

    Could someone reccomend some good in the ear headphones for me ? I was thinking the sony fontopia dudes , but I'm not sure ( cause Ibooks don't come with headphones but everyone I know who has them gets headphones
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    The headphone output is amplified, so sound quality would be skewed when sending it to another amplifier. The AV cable *should* (I dont know) work, as it provides three RCA outputs, however whether they are amplified or not is another question (I bet they are amplified, so just using the headphone output would be just as good).

    If you want some headphones go to <a href="http://www.headphone.com"; target="_blank">www.headphone.com</a>

    The Sony fontopias are okay, the highest model (E888) is good, the rest aren't. If you want serious audio, try to get the Etymotic ER-6, or if your wallet is feelng heavy, the Etymotic ER-4 (what I have, awesome earphone)...
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    cmn083cmn083 Posts: 35member
    thanks for the referral -

    i just bought a piar of the seinheisers from the site . Does anyone know if any outputs on the ibook are unamplified
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You have two options for iBook speakers, at least two options that I've personally done with my PowerBook G3. The speakers on this computer are pretty bad, and I have a stereo system with okay speakers, so I got a headphone to dual RCA cable to connect. I just plugged the headphone end into the sound output of my PowerBook, and I plugged the two RCA ends into my stereo's auxiliary input ports. Then I set the stereo to AUX and it plays the PowerBook's sounds through the stereo speakers.

    The other option is to get a set of speakers that just connect to the computer using only the headphone jack. They'd be much more compact than my setup, but the quality-price ratio may not be as good. My brother has a $40 Altec Lansing speaker and subwoofer set, and it sounds as good as mine, but it takes up much less room.

    As far as volumes go, I tend to set the volumes for both the stereo and the PowerBook at about half their maximum levels. Then you can tweak either one to get it to the right volume.
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