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I have owned a mac since 1990 and until these past few months have never had a complaint. in march of this year i purchased a cube. now, of course i took a chance buying privately, but it did still have its one year warranty still in effect. not soon after my purchase i started having problems so i purchased an apple care extended warranty to protect my investment. to make a long story short, apple has attempted to repair my cube four times without success, and it is presently being sent in for a fifth time. during this three month period i have talked with numerous technicians as well as customer relations. the technicians are stumped and customer relations keeps telling me there is nothing they can do. i am frustrated and angry with apple care service. there are a number of friends around that were thinking of making the "switch" and have now decided against it based on my experience (though i do keep trying to convince them it is an isolated incident, that apple care service is reputedly very good). i am sure that in a week i will get my cube back, again, and it will still not work. enough repair attempts, and enough of telling me there is nothing you can do apple. i want some advice as to what i can do next. can i or should i take legal action? what about a letter to apple, will this get to the right people, or will it even have any effect?

note: i am dealing with apple canada, though that should not make a difference.


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    The cube is the trouble, not that you got it privately. There are lots of parts that can go bad in a system, and sometimes they are hard to track down.. if the apple team cannot fix it with any permanence, and you are under care, then if you made a loud enough noise, they just might be persuaded to give you a refurbished system (perhaps an old g4 tower). In the end, you are on your own, you might want to consider trying to pull the system apart having a fresh start in a tower you build. Seeing as how the cube is all specialty parts though, I don't recommend it.

    Good luck.

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