DVD hookup.

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Okay this isn't a computer question but I've poked around the net and need to ask someone. I'm sure someone here will know.

Got a DVD player. Hooked it up to the TV via the yellow/red/white connectors. Can't get the fscking TV to take the input from line/input/video 1. Okay so patch the DVD into the VCR. Works but it's bad because of that BS copy protection that makes the video quality fade from bad to almost good.

I could get an RF Modulator. What's this going to do for me that the VCR isn't? The VCR must be using an RF modulator right? So the RF modulator wont solve the problem. Or will it?

Is there some kind of other special box I can use? What's up with this thing?


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    The yellow red white connectors, and generally called RCA cables (don't remember the real term off hand).

    Is your TV new enough that it has S-video in? that would save you some hassles. Whether it does or does not isn't the problem though, what I don't understand is why you don't get a picture when you directly connect it!? heh.

    As for going through a VCR, I have never had that much extra degratation...

    I might be able to help if you could explain a bit more..
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    Yea I don't know. I can't remember what I tried yesterday. I think the key is that for the VCR you go to channel 2 and then hit "down" but not to channel 1 but to get the "line" input. I can't remember if I tried that on the TV or not. I'm not at "home" this week. I told my wife to try that that but considering at one point in time yesterday she had the VCR and TV double hooked up and nothing going to the DVD player she may not be able to try it out.
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    Well, you went about it the right way. If there is not button to choose the 'line' you want, then you go below channel 2 (or above your highest channel)and you will find the 'line'. If the TV is not picking up the signal, then perhaps you have 2 or three 'lines', mine does. One line for each set of RCA or Svideo jacks.

    As for getting the RF switcher, I don't really see the point myself. The DVDplayer is digital, then you degrade it with the RCA imputs, then you would be degrading it again with the RF. That brings the quality of the DVD movies down to around the same level as a VHS tape.

    One last thing, it might be the wires you are using... just doubtful.

    good luck
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    I must not have tried that combination. You see the "up/down" channel on the remote is no longer working. We'll see if the wife can get it working tonight.

    BTW no S-Video connector.
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    My wife is so smart. She asked the AV guys at work. They said she had to go to channel "aux" to get it to work. She remembered something about that when she bought it. So it turn out that by going into "add/edit" she was able to find that channel 91 is also "aux" and then added.

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