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I have a mac running 10.2 and a pc running Win98. I have a printer connected to the pc that I would like to use with the Mac. I want to keep that printer connected to the pc and be able to print from my Mac to the printer connected to the PC.I know 10.2 has printer sharing but I think it is only for sharing the printer connected to the mac. I know Dave would do the trick however is their a way using the built in features of X to use Windows printer sharing?


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    Thats funny, I was just doing that last night.

    My system is three macs (10.1.5,10.1.5 ,9.2.2) and one PC (XP), the PC is the main system. All the Macs have a version of Dave3 on them.

    I have encountered nothing but troubles. If I can get the printer to work I will tell you. Otherwize my advice is to do what I plan on, go pickup 10.2. As Jag has both networking fixes, and PC sharing built-in (better printer sharing as well). I hope to get rid of Dave then.

    without dave.. I have not found a way.
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    I thought you could do an LPR type share from a MS machine using the Digital Network Port driver. (in the i386 dir)

    Once shared with this give enter the PC ip as print server and the name share you gave the printer.

    This might only work with nt though.

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