AT&T activates 4.8M iPhones in March quarter, trails Verizon in customers added



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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    That's your opinion and can be said about anything. People speak with their wallets and they're saying VZW is the best choice.

    Aren't you speaking with your wallet by staying with AT&T? Just because Verizon is the largest doesn't mean it is the best or highest quality. People choose carriers for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes it is based on careful research, sometimes just word of mouth, maybe that is what most of their friends or family use, maybe Verizon might offer them the biggest employee discount, or maybe they just view it as a hassle to change carriers. 

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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post

    The figure I'm interested in is the 80% iPhone activation. Makes one wonder what all the "Android is winning" nonsense is about.


    That would be a little like me saying T-Mobile is 0% Apple so obviously Android is winning.


    Apple users were forced to go to AT&T only for many years.  Android users were free to go to any carrier- AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, everyone else.  So AT&T is always going to have very iPhone skewed data.  Theres nothing wrong with that, but it helps to be aware of that when pro-Apple sites tend to cite only AT&T data or AT&T+Verizon data and try to make it sound like it represents the whole market.


    The data usually lines up nicely despite both types of sites trying to skew headlines in their favor.  AT&T gets the biggest volume spikes when a new phone is released.  They report by far the biggest losses on subsidies (since they have the highest % Apple users).  Conversely they get the sharpest sales declines (as mentioned in article) after the existing iPhone users have raced out to buy the latest version.


    Both Apple and Android are doing well in the US and will continue to do so.  Google is the real winner since they make money off both iPhones and Android phones (and not needing to make a $1 in hardware on either).  The bigger number to look at is growth.  The US is nearing the saturation point.  The next round of who sells more phones is going to be determined in the growth markets.


    Note that I said who 'sells more phones' rather than who 'is winning'   If you define winning as having a great product, great ecosystem, and a lot of happy users, Apple has nothing to worry about.

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    Originally Posted by TBell View Post

    I think $50 a month for unlimited everything on T-Mobile is pretty reasonable.

    except its not unlimited everything

    500MB of LTE/HSPA+ data and then its EDGE speeds

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    tbell wrote: »
    I think $50 a month for unlimited everything on T-Mobile is pretty reasonable.

    Unlimited everything is $70 and if you're financing a phone it's another $20.
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    Number of postpaid smartphone subscribers:


    Verizon: 57.2 million

    AT&T: 48.3 million


    Verizon has 9 million more postpaid smartphone subscribers than AT&T.

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