Apple's next-gen 9.7" iPad expected to be 25% lighter, 15% thinner, debut in Q3



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    inklinginkling Posts: 731member
    I'd be happier if they had an extended life model with the same thickness and weight but a longer battery life.

    Apple's big enough now, it needs more options.
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    Originally Posted by Dunks View Post



    Sorry, my bad.


    Spelling is my achilles 'heal'.



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    jollypauljollypaul Posts: 328member


    Originally Posted by robogobo View Post

    iPad Mini causes me to light up a big ol spliff


    Finally, this is the sort of aggressive push for mindshare I've been hoping to see from Apple.

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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    The mini is literally half the weight and does all the same things.  


    Except display 2048-by-1536 resolution (for now).

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    Can't wait for the new ipad, now I just have to sell my old ipad
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