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Does anyone know of a good defragmenting app, shareware or relatively cheap retail, preferably for OS X? Norton System Works is too expensive, and I only need the defrag program.

I had no luck with Version Tracker.


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    jdbonjdbon Posts: 109member
    The only other OSX Native program that defrags is Disk 10, however I believe it is also realtively expensive. You can also use disk warrior in OS9 to defrag an X drive. I do not know of any free/shareware, however if you have an extra drive, you can copy the contents to another drive, reformat the original drive, and then copy your files back to the original drive. This will defrag the drive.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    I use Drive X v1.1.2 - it does a good job of optimizing OS X volumes and gives you the option to just defrag files or defrag both files and the disk as a whole. Very reliable tool IMO. Much better than anything Norton offers in the same product space. Speed Disk isn't even OS X native, which makes it a pain to use if you don't want to launch Classic or boot from a CD.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    FYI, You can't use Speed Disk in Classic.
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    nijiniji Posts: 288member
    i bought Drive 10 the other day.

    am i the only one who thinks watching the picture of the blobs re-coagulating themselves as it becomes defragmented is just about the coolest thing...?

    any way, Drive 10 is wonderful for fixing fragments.

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    defragmentation is generally not useful for macs. it certainly isn't worth any kind of monetary expense. i heard that the most macs get frag'd is about 5%. there may be several tools to fix that percentage, but the benefit they generate aren't worth it.
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    Thanks, guys. I have Drive 10 but didn't realize it can defrag. I can't figure out how to do that tho. Any help?

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    jdbonjdbon Posts: 109member
    Only the most recent version can defrag. You have to pay to upgrade.
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    OK, Thanks, guys. I found the defrag function(Optimize Volume in the Services menu).

    Steve :cool:
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