WWDC 2013 Bingo Thread

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Because it's fun. Let's work on a collaborative bingo sheet for the keynote tomorrow. Anything here you'd like changed? Added? Comment below!



AirDrop for iOS

Apple TV API

Touchscreen anything

(product release)

New MacBook (family)

Major iOS redesign

Gushing over ecosystem/store/

WWDC success

More than 4 demos

802.11ac rollout (either in Macs or via an AirPort family update)

New iMacs

More than six instances of the word 'phenomenal'

A frownsmile

Free Space

New Mac Pro

Wholly new product

New Mac Mini

Redesigned Cinema Display

Musician outro

iOS 7/10.9 beta available during WWDC

TV ad for new product

Tabbed Finder

Craig Federighi on stage

Mac(s) made in USA

Something ships "Today!"

Siri on OS X



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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    WOW. No bingos, even with all this stuff correct.

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    andreyandrey Posts: 108member

    This is impressive redesign indeed, unlike 6.x. I really like it from what I saw on youtube. iRadio is very promising too. If they add it to AppleTV it remove major disadvantage over Roku3. image

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