How do I setup Wireless Internet without an airport basestation?

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How do I? I'm getting an airport card for my iBook and a Netgear MR814 router. Do I put in the card and setup airport or what? I've never networked anything before, so I need all the help I can get.

Also. Should I plug the DSL modem into a computer and configure it before I plug it into the router, or does it not matter? Thanks.


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    Confusing post.

    1) Use of airport card.

    If you only have one computer and you don't have a base station then there is not much use for the airport card. You will be able to use it if you travel. When you install the airport card you get a new icon in the menu bar. Click this to get a pull down menu then select the option to turn on airport. Click again to see if any network is available. Click on one of the names that appears to try to connect. The network control panel in the system preferences should be set to get an IP address from the DHCP server.

    If you have two or more computers with airport cards one of them can be set to share the internet connection allowing you wireless internet without a base station. In the network control panel of system preferences select the internet tab then follow the instructions.

    2) Routers and DSL modems

    You don't need to configure the modem first. Just plug it into the router then configure your router via a browser.
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    I would HIGHLY recomend an actual Airport Base Station, but any 802.11b base station will work.

    The airport card in your computer really is useless without a base station of some sort though. (except as mentioned above if you have more than one mac with airport cards)
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    iDude: Nice choice on the wireless router. I'm actually getting the same to hook my iBook up to a cable modem. Here's what you need to do (it's really pretty simple):

    1. Install the airport card into your iBook. The iBook manual contains picture-book instructions on how to unlock the keyboard, lift it up, and put in the card.

    2. Plug the cable modem into the router via ethernet

    3. Plug the iBook into the router via ethernet

    4. Follow NetGear's instructions for configuring the router. Usually this means firing up a web browser, pointing it to, and following an "install wizard" on the router. Pay attention to what you name your wireless network, and if you turn on encryption, note the hex key you use.

    5. Make sure the router and cable modem now work - you can surf the web on your iBook through the ethernet cable

    6. Unplug the cable from the iBook, turn on airport, and find your wireless network. On OSX, this means using the little airport icon on the menu bar. If you set up wireless encryption, it prompts you for the hex key after you select your wireless network. When you sucessfully join, the little antenna icon turns black, and you're off!

    Feel free to ask more detailed questions if you have trouble following this. It seems intimidating, but it's all remarkably idiot-proof.

    King, I'm curious why you HIGHLY recommend an actual Airport Base Station. As far as I can tell, the primary benefits over a $100 NetGear box are the ability to play nice with AOL and enter an actual password for wireless encryption (as opposed to an ascii or hex key). What am I missing that makes it worth 4x the price?

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    Thanks. That's what I was thinking had to be done, but having never done anything like this before, I decided I'd ask before I screw up 5 computers. I may have more questions once the stuff come, but those will wait til them.

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    One other suggestion that seems incredibly dumb, but it took me way too long to figure out...

    When you set up wireless encryption (WEP) on the router, choose 128-bit encryption and set an ASCII key. This essentially is a 13 character password. However, when you now try to sign on to your secure network, airport prompts you for a "password" - and will refuse to accept your ASCII key. You need to use the pop-up menu to select "128-bit ASCII key" instead of "password", then enter your key.

    Maybe I'm just dumb, but it was a month before I realized my iBook really can support WEP on a generic router.
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    I just got an MR814 for my iBook too! Can't wait to hook it up (have to wait for Christmas, since that's when my wife is giving me the AirPort card)!!!

    Let us know how it goes! I've never done this before either.
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    I just got the router this morning and will hook it up as soon as possible (Hopefully before this weekend). SBC supposedly turned the DSL on this morning, so I'll tell you all how it goes once I get it set up (Unless I need help).
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