Apple's redesigned AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models debut with 802.11ac support



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    rdr1rdr1 Posts: 1member
    This is a bummer, my last one died May 23 so I had to replace it. I wounded If I can return it and replace it with this new version?
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    christophbchristophb Posts: 1,482member
    If I wall mount it will the wall crash down? Looks like ill be going Aruba for ac.
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    Originally Posted by ScartArt View Post

    3.5" drives aren't going to fit. It has the same width and depth as an Apple TV.

    Problem is there are no 3TB 2.5" drives that I know of.  WDC's 2TB is the largest I know.  Can't wait for the teardown. 

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    Such a flipping weird shape. Styled, probably, after the new Mac Pro, but it doesn't fit in at all with, well, anything else.

    Does this mean the Haswell Mac Mini will also be vertical? Because the AirPort and Mac Mini designs have been tied for a while now…
    Maybe, It might also effect the Apple TV look also...

    I hope they soon add the Airport Express in. It with the $100,$200,$300,$400 options list.
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    chabigchabig Posts: 641member


    Originally Posted by isaidso View Post

    I always have to buy a f&%king ethernet switch to add on.

    The switch you bought last time will still work. ;-)

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    Originally Posted by gijoeinla View Post

     Um yea, it should stand up rather than lay flat, hello.


    Great move on their part, bet WiFi reception improves all around.

    ZoomInto: Pictures, Images and Photos



    I hardly think the extra 4 or 5 inches provided by the weird form factor make as much difference as, oh, I dunno, putting the unit on a shelf mounted higher than the furniture...

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    Originally Posted by isaidso View Post

    Damn mother$%&43king sh#$#t!!

    Why can't these guys add one more flipping ethernet port?! Everywhere I use these things; I always have to buy a f&%king ethernet switch to add on. Just for one extra needed port.

    WHY?? WHY??!!! 4-ports is a no brainer. There is absolutely no excuse.



    I too hoped for just one more. Just one... I need four...


    I kinda thought maybe ac would let me replace one of the hard-wired connections with wireless, but apparently ac drops down to n speeds as soon as a non-ac device joins the network. Crap. That means as soon as an iPhone walks into the house, beeeyoooooooop... network go slow now.

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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member

    I was really hoping for new Airports, I have a 3 year old Time Capsule that is on it's last legs. But the new design I do not like. I guess it could be ok it it's small enough though. Will have to go to the Apple Store in person and see it tomorrow.

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    Originally Posted by Wiggin View Post


    USB 2





    Why? WHY would they use USB2 when the rest of their line FINALLY has USB3 (a year after everyone else, but better late than never)?


    I swear, someone at Apple does shit like this just so they can watch and laugh as people like me jump up and down with excitement until we discover the "spoiler" that makes us shake our fists and scream.


    Fast wireless to a slow drive. Freakin' amazing.

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    timbittimbit Posts: 331member
    I have a d-link router with smart beam tech that is also a cylinder. It has great range and speed. Apple prob stood the antennas up for maximum range. It will work very well I'm sure
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    airbubbleairbubble Posts: 105member
    Yes it is odd at first but I've gotten used to it & I'm in the need of a Time-Capsule.
    What I'm wondering after the keynote, is what was said about adding more storage?

    Also maybe removing HDD & replacing it with SSD if you wanted!
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    rayzrayz Posts: 814member


    Originally Posted by TogetherWeStand View Post

    Expect the new design was chosen for a reason. Yes, it currently looks odd, & who was expecting the design change? I'd say it only looks odd because it's such a sudden change.


    I think it looks much better than the current Netgear AC routers, also a vertical only design like the Belkin routers have been for a few years, so maybe it's that the AC standard & older standards, sans external aerials, benefits even more by being vertical & not horizontal.


    Was considering an Extreme or Time Machine before, & the new design will fit into the area even better for me, + the benefit of AC, so i'm happy. image


    The problem I have with the current Airport is that it takes up rather a lot of space because it's a big flat square. This should be much better.

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    Originally Posted by Rayz View Post

    The problem I have with the current Airport is that it takes up rather a lot of space because it's a big flat square. This should be much better.


    It's going to be somewhat less convenient here. Everything we have now is low and flat - router, Time Capsule, Apple TV, Mac mini, Superdrive, hard drive -- nothing over an inch-and-a-hal tall. We have it all on a few rows of closely-spaced shelves. There's lots of space horizontally but only a few inches of height between shelves. Adding a "tower" component to a collection of devices that are all low and flat is gonna be awkward. Maybe we can stand all the other devices on their sides.

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    Originally Posted by Andysol View Post

    How are you backing up currently? Ever since I got the time capsule I've been extremely happy. Range, seamless backups, all wireless- it's nice.


    I had been using the Time Capsule as a backup for our old Macbook; it was bought soon after the computer in 2008. A major motivator for switching was rage at horrible photo organization options on Windows; another was needing a good backup system for those photos. The Time capsule has proven itself several times since then, and I agree it is an excellent choice for a laptop backup.

    However, we now also have a Mac Mini, which has become the primary computer and is backed up with a USB drive permanently attached. All of our important files have been moved over. Our iPad takes care of most portable needs.

    The MacBook is definitely showing its age, and is used less and less, mostly my wife will take it with her when she wants to park in a library or coffee shop and write for her blog. I've proposed swapping in an SSD, but my wife doesn't want to spend more on it, when it dies it dies. Basically, there is no *need* for it to be backed up any more for data purposes.

    I do have a spare 500GB USB drive that I have thought to repurpose, but I haven't taken the time to do it. I can actually connect that to the always-on mini and use it as a Time Machine target from the laptop, and get the equivalent functionality, right?
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