Why the Mac Finder took so long to get the new Tabs in OS X Mavericks



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    I've been a Path Finder user for years because I find Finder quite infuriating to use. One reason was the lack of tabs and another the lack of sensible sorting. The "show a mash of files and folders sorted by name" is just awful compared to the "folders first, files after, sorted by desired criteria" method employed in Windows. Nice to see at least one problem go away.

    I think why it took so long is that a file browser isn't exactly something that comes as a big feature - Apple has been much more keen to push search.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    wizard69 wrote: »
    It isn't a niche feature as it is something that has been often asked for.

    On a side note I've been slowly going through the WWDC videos and have to say Mavericks will be fantastic if it lives up to its billing. Finder is an important element of the OS for many of us users and its improvements combined with other improvements in Mavericks ought to lead significant improvements to usability.

    Tabbed Finder strikes me as a power user function, and Apple doesn't seem to cater well to power users. I'm glad it's a feature now.

    I don't think my dad would use it if he had a Mac.

    It doesn't look like MS has ever added tabs to their Explorer (file manager). They can be added with third party programs, which I hadn't heard of until I did a search just now.

    I like what I've seen so far with 10.9. 10.7 and 10.8 added features that made it useful enough that I felt I almost had to have a Mac at my work desk, instead of just at home.
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    What I wish Apple would do is fix current Finder bugs and inconsistencies.  For example, when in List view, if you choose to tilt a folder's view triangle down to simply observe its contents, many times the modification date of that folder will be changed to the current date & time.  This is incredibly frustrating!  No way should the act of looking at yet not making any changes to a folder cause that folder's info to be altered.  This is just wrong.


    And then there's Finder window sizes, positions and view type.  Go ahead and open several independent Finder windows and move and size them to your liking.  Change their view so that the Toolbar (and therefore also the Sidebar) is not showing.  Make some of the windows to be List view, some as Icon view, etc.  Choose to have only Name column visible if you wish.  Try to resize the windows so that they are as small as possible.  Notice you cannot make the windows anywhere near as small as in OS 10.6 and earlier.  Notice the some windows will never resize to as small as others.  Notice that when you close these windows and re-open them they may or may not be in the same position.  Notice that when you click the green auto-resize button that most of the time the result is not what you want, which is for the window to display all items with no extra space and no unnecessary scrolling.


    I could go on, but you get the idea.  FTFF ("Fix the Fuc***g Finder") has been a common thread for years now, and Apple just seems to ignore polishing it to make it rock-solid.  Come on, Apple!

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    Dost mine eyes deceive me? Are the white borders around the icon previews gone? Can someone confirm this??

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    damojag wrote: »
    Dost mine eyes deceive me? Are the white borders around the icon previews gone? Can someone confirm this??

    No deseptjon, it's just mine ijes.
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    What a pointless article, it didn't even answer the question that title of the article was posing.
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    Originally Posted by sip View Post


    I loved some of Finder features in OS9 which disappeared in OSX.


    Option+double click on a folder closed one window and opened a new one -- you can do this in OSX but the new listing opens in the same window, and retains the size of the parent window.


    With multiple windows open in OS9, Option-clicking on the now green traffic light resized every window according to number of files within each -- doesn't quite work in OSX. In fact, resizing windows in OSX limits the size (length) of each window and forces scrolling -- methinks this was designed around the 13" laptop screen but is cumbersome on a larger display.


    Can anyone remember being able to park Finder windows at the bottom of the screen in OS9?


    Sometimes it is best not to mess with some of the more useful and distinguishing features of an OS, which is why I avoided WinPCs all my computing life.


    Longtime visitor, first-time poster here:

    You reminded me of that nice option in OS9 to park Finder windows at the bottom of the screen as tabs. That was a feature I didn't know I needed. Upgrading to 10.0 Cheetah took some getting used to.
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