Help! G3 with OSX won't boot!

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hi all,

in forum OSX I asked about putting OSX on a G3 iMac 400Mhz. Consensus was - go for it, so I did.

She had OS9, and I installed OS jaguar. That was fine, but when I switched to OS9 to check a few things I found I couldn't select OSX as a startup OS as OS9.0 only allows a choice of disk, not folder.

So I installed OS9.2 and that was fine. BUT when I re-booted nothing worked at all! Just a blank screen. So I figure the iMac is confused by having OSX, OS9.2 and OS9.0 all on one disk.

I've tried re-booting with apple option P R to reset PRAM. At the moment even booting with the OSX disk and holding C doesn't achieve anything.

Any ideas on how to get myself back into my girlfriend's good books?!




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    It could be the firmware.

    please look <a href=" rtSearch&nodes=KY_dload&dateModified=" target="_blank">here</a> to find a firmware update for your iMac.

    HTH and say "hi" to your gf.
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    How do you know if your computer needs a firmware update?
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    hmm... probably when he doesn't work like he should.

    You can't really know it, but you should try to always have the newest firmware. Then you can relax.
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    it was indeed the firmware. Updated, and now runs sweet as a nut.

    Judging by what my girl has just said, I'm back in her good books <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

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    at least a guy's now happy again...
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    [quote]Originally posted by iMac David:

    <strong>Judging by what my girl has just said, I'm back in her good books</strong><hr></blockquote>That's always a good way to get on a girl's good side -- "let" something break and then fix it yourself, truimphantly saving the day from evildoers once again!

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