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okay, made a 20 minute movie. Everything looks good when I play it through imovie, however I take it into idvd. my film and voices lose syncing right around the end of the movie. it basically looks like an old dubbed over chinese film. any ideas on what might be causing this? It was supposed to be a going away present, now I really don't want to give this thing out. Please help, if you can.

PS-already sent feedback to Apple.


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    did you already burn a dvd of the project, and the final dvd looks bad on yoru tv? or does it look bad in idvd...

    if it just looks bad in idvd i suggest burning a copy, and checking that on a tv...
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    I thought the same thing. I burnt the copy of the movie on iDVD and it looks horrible on tv as well, if not moreso than in the preview in iDVD. I am just perplexed. I am considering purchasing FCP edu. for 300 bucks just to use the sync feature it has, and dump imovie alltogether, however I am not sure how chapter markers would work.
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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    I had this problem too. (with imovie 2) I went to the apple website and did some digging. It turned out that after about 20 min. of video, the audio isn't synched, (like you said). What the problem was is the way your camcorder recorded the sound. Your camcorder neeeds to record the audio in 16 bit. Not 12, which is what you probably have set. If 12 is all you have, there is a way to get it synched again, but I am not sure how, I think re-exporting to camera with 16 bit mode, then re-importing to imovie? I will check for sure, then re-post if this way isn't correct.
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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    I checked the site, and that is the way to correct the problem. Except I said it wrong. If your camera only has 12 bit audio, you might be sol w/ imovie, b/c your camera has to have 16 bit audio for the old footage to be recorded on, so it will import in imovie correct. If I didn't explain it clearly enough. Go to this link...<a href=";SaveKCWindowURL=http:% ge&searchMode=Assisted& &showButton=false&randomValue=100&showSurvey=false &sessionID=anonymous|163739080" target="_blank">Fix Audio Synch Problem</a>
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    I know of that problem, however I checked and I did record in 16 bit audio...I think there may be something wrong with iMovie, because it started not being synced in there again. So I extracted the audio and used the pushpins, and now finally it is all fixed.
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