Supposed gold color variant of next iPhone shown off in pictures



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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    If this one turns out to be true -- and I hope it is -- I will do a 180º on my opinion of Ming-Chi Kuo.


    Why hold back? Go the whole 360°.

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    Originally Posted by Corvus View Post

    This is sure to be a smash hit in the ghetto. long as the phone matches the grill.

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    Originally Posted by sansin View Post

    Indians like real gold (solid gold, or gold-plated). Anything golden colored, is considered really cheap in India. So can't be for the Indian market.



    >>"Gold is HUGE in India, so perhaps this is geared towards markets outside the U.S....."


    They already make a case for the new gold iPhone:


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    Originally Posted by Corvus View Post

    This is sure to be a smash hit in the ghetto.


    More then you may have even guessed.... see below:



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    Let's not forget Steve Job"s introduced the gold iPod mini in 2004 saying that it would appeal to the Hip Hop crowd.


    Invoking his bling credentials, Apple chief Steve Jobs noted that Gold iPod Mini would push all the right buttons among the "hip hop crowd".


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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,674member
    gazoobee wrote: »
    pazuzu wrote: »
    The Queen of England wears tons of gold ….

    Doesn't actually.  Mostly silver and diamonds, mostly understated or only on state occasions. 

    And all second hand!
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    A lot of bling type people are going to jump at the Gold iPhone 5S. Ebay and other places have been selling the 5 for high mark up of over $1K! Now, Apple can price it too at the same upcharge! I hope they do; adds to the profit margin!
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    murmanmurman Posts: 159member

    Fake gold is pathetic, because the color is posh but at the same time when you get a scratch on it, you see some other color underneath the MATTE GOLD surface, [ partly removed - (I as trolling / joking there] 


    Mock gold on a premium product cheapens the thing.

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    antkm1antkm1 Posts: 1,441member


    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post


    Please stop using this nonsensical, meaningless, made-up trashy term.  


    It might be cool if it meant something but it's just the way ignorant people say "colour."  

    The whole idea of using cool new phrases is that they never existed before and mean things that you can't say any other way.  This is not that. 

    colorway is a term used in many design industries.  Architecture and Interior design for instance.  It refers to a particular color in a series provided from a manufacturer of just about anything in the related fields (i.e. fabrics, paint, tile, etc.)  It may not be a word in the dictionary, but it does exist in common speak.  Don't even get me started on the way the IT industry has mercilessly hijacked the age-old profession of "Architect".  And when they subsequently say they "architected it".  Try searching in or any professional site for an architect and you get someone in the IT industry.  Makes me sick.  Almost more-so than the people who call themselves doctors when they have no medical degree.

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    antkm1antkm1 Posts: 1,441member

    I saw this on a Chinese rumor site...or so i think it is.  Since I use Safari and Apple is not up with the times and translation tools like Chrome.

    notice the logo and boilerplate stuff is printed on the back.



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    antkm1antkm1 Posts: 1,441member

    In many countries, Gold is the ultimate symbol of success, wealth and power.  India, China/East Asia, Africa, the middle east.  You name those are the customers Apple desperately needs to buy their phones now.  Apple really doesn't give a snit what the Western World does now because the market in that part of the world is already written in history.  Those who have the iPhone will probably continue to buy, and those that don't, won't.  It's a flat market in the West.  It's the East and Middle that needs to be persuaded.  Look at the 5c, in bold colors...there to persuade the younger markets (looks like a Japanese Arcade to me), whereas the Gold, Silver and black of the 5Ss are much more expensive and elegant for the wealthy class.  It's simple world marketing.

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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member
    zachlach wrote: »
    Gold iPhone? I still can't understand why they would pick that color. High end phone does not equal Gold phone

    I'd have thought this was obvious. Apple is gearing up to make a very strong push into China.
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    Originally Posted by loumazz View Post

    Gold is a very popular China.




    Also India. 

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    adonissmuadonissmu Posts: 1,774member
    People should buy the color they like and not worry about what losers who might make judgements about them because of the color of their phone.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Make the Gold option only available to GSM 128 GB devices, and they instantly bring back that luxury drool worthy exclusive status symbol that the wealthy desire to differentiate themselves from the riff raff. Sounds dumb to me and you, but their are plenty of doctors, lawyers, bankers, and celebs that won't buy anything else once this is released. It will be a status requirement.

    And then every joe and jane that can puke up a grand for a phone will have one too, because their favorite star has one.
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    jetlawjetlaw Posts: 156member


    Originally Posted by StruckPaper View Post

    We are what we post. Even in jest, you have just painted your character for all to see.

    You are right, StruckPaper.  I regret making the comment I did.  I appreciate you calling me out and apologize to the forum.

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    Originally Posted by jetlaw View Post

    You are right, StruckPaper.  I regret making the comment I did.  I appreciate you calling me out and apologize to the forum.

    Why? It was funny, and also pretty accurate in a stereotyping generalization kind of way. You didn't invent the stereotypes. Demographics did.

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    murmanmurman Posts: 159member

     Even Mg Siegler at techcrunch is saying this might be true, and iMore too.

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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member

    More of a bronze shade could look decent. Choices can be a good thing. Would need to see it in person (and that's never a bad thing with an aesthetic choice anyway).

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    Originally Posted by PhilBoogie View Post

    And all second hand!

    When it's expensive second hand they call it "vintage".

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