Let's count iPods



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    Just an update. I went ahead on the 9th and ordered my iPod from Comp Usa.com. (The last one they had may I add) It will be here between Friday and Monday. Man, I am going nuts!
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    low-filow-fi Posts: 357member
    Count me in on the iPod party. Well worth every penny.

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    Ok. It finally came today. (Monday) and I abolutely love it. Worth every penny.
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    adam11adam11 Posts: 163member
    Joined the iPod club on Saturday.... Ordered the Waterfield sooper dooper cover on Sunday, used it while I did the dishes on Monday.... and havent seen it since my daughter took it with a great big grin on her face. She was blown away to think that she could have a such a cool MP3 player (she had her Rio 800 stolen and she likes the iPod much better anyway), and have the functionality which allowed her to drag her homework onto the iPod disk and take it to school there for downlaod and printing.

    You know, I kind of wish I was that young againg too....... but my real plan is to let her have it and convince my wife to let me buy the next revison (hopefully 10gig) for myself!1


    Hopeful adam

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    I got mine today!! (posted earlier saying I had order it)

    I even too pictures of the religious-like experience of opening it (like all apple products).

    <a href="http://www.mikezornek.com/photos/iPod/"; target="_blank">http://www.mikezornek.com/photos/iPod/</a>;

    enjoy! ...

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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    My iPod's making me money!

    Gotta love Apple.
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    gkgk Posts: 32member
    Got one for Christmas

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    29 iPod. It was like the little red wagon that I got when I was 11 years old!!!
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    davdav Posts: 92member
    bought one yesterday. am i 30?
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    [quote]Originally posted by &lt;JCAR&gt;:

    <strong>29 iPod. It was like the little red wagon that I got when I was 11 years old!!! </strong><hr></blockquote>

    UNREGISTERED?!? Is that allowed?!
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    taqtaq Posts: 76member
    After much debate, (see 'should i buy an iPod or wait?' under current hardware) I decided to get one. It came in yesterday. This has to be the coolest mp3 player I have ever used. It kicks the nomad's ass. As far as capacity...well, if I want to change songs on the road, I guess I'll have to remember to take my iBook with me. Either way, I'm very happy with the purchase. Very cool.

    This makes me 31
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    I bought mine yesterday or the day before.... call me 32.

    I also used it today to help convince my boss his next computer should be a Mac (see "PC versus Mac eternal war" thread in the Current Hardware area).

    Right now I'm ripping a big stack of CDs as I type this.
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    igiligil Posts: 23member
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    idudeidude Posts: 352member
    35, if you guys didn't loose count.
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    Lucky 36, I caved in about two weeks ago when I got my IRS refund, this thing fvcking rocks! I take it everywhere.

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    Yes, I have the thirty-seventh iPod.

    Too bad my headphones (non-Apple ones) have a short in them. Guess I'll switch to earbuds for the time being.

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    If anyone loses a cover to an earbud, I have an extra one here.
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    I'm now the proud owner of iPod No. 38!

    J :cool:
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