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I just placed an order for my very first Mac ever (ibook)!! At home I have a PC hooked up to a cable modem. I was wondering if I can get a airport base station and card for my ibook and also keep the pc hooked up to the internet as well for my girl friend? Can I use both at the same time with the pc hooked up to the base station with the cat. 5 cable?


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    Hey Tristan,

    You'll need to head on down to your local CompUSA and pick up a broadband sharing device. About $99. Also, if you wanted to save a little cheese, instead of getting an Airport base station, get some cheapo 802.11b base station while you're there.. Or even better, get a combo! If money isn't an issue, Airport might be your best bet, because it is so easy to set up

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    The new Airport Basestation will work fine for what you describe. It has an additional ethernet-out port so it will also dish out IPs to cable connected PC's as well as your 802.11 equipped iBook.
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