Microsoft starts buying used iPads for $200 Microsoft Store gift cards, pushes Surface



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    Originally Posted by semanka View Post

    What??? It's like KIA is offering $5000 giftcard for a Lexus or an Infinity toward buying a KIA RIO! ROFLMAO Tell me you were just kidding!


    That's called trade-in.   Happens all the time.  People trade in 2nd hand old Lexus/Infinity for a new KIA during their financial hardship.

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    Microsoft finally found a way to make money off the Surface. Trade'm for iPads and then sell the iPads.
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    A 2012 Surface RT or Surface Pro? Not a chance!


    I might consider trading in my 16GB iPad 2 for the $200 credit and put it towards a Windows 8.1 Bay Trail tablet or 2-in-1.

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Star Wars?


    Doc Hollywood.

    Stated as a sarcastic rebuff to a very drunk, very desperate suitor.

    I don't know why Microsoft made me think of that.

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    Originally Posted by Bwana_Dik View Post


    If MS gave me a Surface for free I might...might...accept it.  And then use it as a paperweight for the paper I no longer use because I have an iPad.

    I would use it for web browsing - browsers are much of a muchness these days. But if I'm paying it's an iPad every time!

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    i just trade my ipad 2. FYI i am not fan of any brand or sales/mkting rep.

    i went to microsoft store in salen mall NH with my ipad2 32gb white. i got 200 for it initially but i convinced that i will buy a windows phone and windows tablet in the store. so he gave me another 50dollars. also there is a promo. if you sign up for any workshop for first time you get 10% off. so finally i got lumia 1020 for for 199 dollars and got a free 74dollar camera grip free. With a total of 250 plus 10% off i got lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 with 64gb which runs windows 8 pro for 199 dollars.

    you would be stupid not to take such a deadly deal xchange offer for thinpad tablet2 for 199. thinkpad 2 is a tablet and a full blown windows 8 pc/laptop plus it runs 10 hours battery. They had Asus tablet with similar spec and it also had office s/w. but i went for thinkpad 2 because it had stylus pen 

    i am not sure if all stores are so generous. i was pretty amazed by the store's generosity and setup too with xbox kinnect theme going on, and some 3d printing machine on display.

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    I'd stick with the iPad. The Surface is yet another failure.
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    FYI you can use the gift card for anything.


    I recently bought Lenovo Thinkpad 2 (  with this offer. It is a 64GB full windows 8 tablet/pc with 10 hours of battery life. It comes with a stylus pen. It is priced at 499. I got 200$ for my ipad 2 and another 10% off when I signed up for a workshop session in Microsoft store. I ended up paying 250$ for thinkpad2 tablet.


    FYI I am not a sales/mkt rep for any brand.

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    This would be a deal for those who are so dumb giving up an iPad for a voucher that is not as good as cash.
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