Dropcam Pro takes quick & easy Wi-Fi-based home video surveillance to next level



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    Also, their location awareness didn't work on iOS6 and is broken on iOS7. So a major part of the "set and forget" convenience is marketing hype and no more. I don't recommend this product.
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    I don't understand why an iPhone costs $200 to make, an iPhone Camera costs $5.00, but security cameras all cost as much as, or more than, sophisticated smartphones.
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,167member
    One camera being used for home security is definitely not what most people need, in the U.S. at least, most homes have more than one room and one entry.

    I'm sure this will be popular with the technically challenged who would like to dabble with a camera; however, they would've captured a wider market had they offered a simple local storage solution too, like an optional plug-n-play network drive.

    Just saying

    Not everyone lives in a house. Large percentage of people live in apartments. I live in an apartment and have only laptops that we take to work. Having a local storage INSIDE the apartment is useless since if someone break in he will steal that storage device as well. I needed something that just work. Like I said before, this is an option for people who don't want to maintain their own server and want something that works out of the box.

    But seriously?! You think easy to use devices are for "technically challenged"?!
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    I have an original dropcam HD and pay for monitoring. Tried to order a new pro model and was told the 50% monitoring discount for second camera can't be used between different types of cameras. The new pro requires a separate full price monitor contract. I canceled my order in protest. A very stupid thing to do on their part I think.
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    qo_qo_ Posts: 37member
    Totally looking into iCam. Currently using three Sharx cams which save rather indirectly to Dropbox via Samba (since they don't support Apple's v2, the v1 public domain implementation was my only option).

    But saving to Dropbox directly is a freaking deal maker; as in my order's going out tonight. Dropcam? Not given their apparent lock-you-in-to-our-cloud-service mentality.
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    rcfarcfa Posts: 1,124member
    aaarrrgggh wrote: »
    Why do all these companies insist on making it a cloud offering rather than supporting local access standards?! I want to VPN into my vacation home and be able to check the video from there... not use some made-for-idiots-that-don't-understand-security-or-the-implications-of-sharing-things-with-the-world device!!

    Two words:

    Revenue stream!

    Just like "software as service" (e.g. Adobe) the next step is "hardware as service",
    In the end you will own nothing and everything you use will require a meter or a subscription; welcome to the new slavery...
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    You guys are prophets! 6/20/2014, NEST now owns Dropcam.

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