Purported photos of champagne gold iPad 5 surface

in iPad edited January 2014
A tech-focused Chinese website with a dubious track record of accuracy posted photos Monday of what is said to be a rear shell for Apple's upcoming iPad 5 in the new gold color introduced with the iPhone 5s.

iPad mini and iPad 5 cases
Purported iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini shells | Source: Ctechcn.com

The quality of the photos, from Chinese website C Technology, is significantly degraded and leaves room for doubt as to their authenticity. The website included what appears to be a business card in the shots, and the colors of both the card's seemingly white paper and the website's logo are shifted toward the yellow end of the spectrum, indicating that the iPad 5 shell may in fact be silver and only appear gold due to the color shift.

The supposed second-generation iPad mini shell in the photograph is reportedly in Apple's new space gray color, but also appears artificially tinted.

Additionally, the iPad mini shell depicted does not include a rear-facing microphone, a feature rumored to be included in the device and supported by evidence from Chinese accessory manufacturers.


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    So, basically, they're ignoring the popular request to make the iPad lighter then? And I thought they had a golden opportunity for that now.
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