Apple's iTunes Radio is 'credible threat,' says Pandora CFO



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    What difference does the truth make?


    Ugh, that face! this early in the morning

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    I like both, iTunes Radio and Pandora but I love that Pandora shows lyrics for the songs being played.

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    Just goes to show that it's easier to question than be questioned. One loses their honor and integrity once they become a politician, but it's irrelevant to the fact of what the Pandora CEO said. Will it change the outcome?


    It could change the outcome when a CEO of a publicly traded company acknowledges his competition. It can influence how the board of directors, employees and investors react. Companies that choose not to publicly acknowledge their competitor's strengths but scramble behind closed doors aren't fooling anybody.

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    I do not believe Pandora has anything to worry about. iTunes Radio is still in its infant stage. On top of that, iTunes is trying to do too many things with one portal software. Pandora is designed to do only one thing and is much easier to operate. Pandora One is a great App. The market is big enough for couple of competitors to survive. We know Apple is not going away, and Pandora is already there. The two will occupy the territory but it is inevitable that Pandora will be overtaken by iTunes Radio.

    One way for Pandora to fight Apple is to solidify its automotive market. They have a great lead there.

    Go Pandora...
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