The mysterious failure of Apple's iPhone 5c



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    I do.  The 5C is not intended to be adored by those seeking iPhone 5S power/performance/functionality.  Its purpose is to replace the iPhone 5, which did not adequately address the world's LTE networks.  The iPhone 5C does and costs less to produce.  Doing what it is intended to, (replace the iPhone 5, not compete with the iPhone 5S), the iPhone 5C is a resounding success.


    Those that disagree are still smarting over the fact that Apple did not address the sub $400 market (one that Apple isn't interested in), and continue to worship at the altar of market share as the holy grail.


    I think you are assuming quite a lot.

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    You are greatly overestimating the value and impact of expressing your opinion incessantly. 

    It's really adorable that you think your opinion and those that you agree with are the only ones that are acceptable to post on the Internet.

    Please cry more for me, your tears are delicious.
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    If i remember correctly, there was a report the iPhone 5 was very had to make. I think Apple had to change the design, whilst keeping it interesting, of the iPhone 5c so as to allocate valuable resources to the 5s. Imagine producing the same aluminum case for the 5 and 5s. That would be really difficult to produce in huge numbers, i think

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    froodfrood Posts: 771member

    I think its way too early to call the 5c either a success or a failure.  The vast majority of Apple phone sales are to existing iPhone users.  Whenever Apple releases a new product the faithful flock to it.  The spike in sales historically dwarfs Androids baseline sales- and really any other electronic product sales for that matter.  That's all the current data is really showing.  After two months the spike dies down and the faithful wait for 'next year' The avid faithful want 'the big dog' and are going for the impressively spec'd and elegant 5s.   Of course that is their preference.


    I think the 5c may still show its creds in 'the long haul' after the spike simmers down.  We'll just have to wait and see but I'm sure there's going to be plenty of 'Its a failure!'.... 'No!  Its a success!'  articles to entertain us in the mean time.


    I do think if there is a challenge for the 5c DED hit upon it in his prior article (somehow implying that more 5c sales would have been a bad thing):

    "the Wall Street Journal didn't explain how it might be better for Apple to be selling more iPhone 5c models, which would either come at the expense of the high end iPhone 5s or the lower end iPhone 4s."


    If DED is right in the statement he made above, the 5c is in trouble- because it is trapped in the 'Apple Universe'  DED implies a sale of the 5c is either a loss of a sale of a 5s, or in lieu of buying a 4s......   If that were the case, the 5c shouldn't have been introduced at all.  Wall Street wanted a phone that would attract *NEW* users, not divvy up the existing Apple users in a new way, and they thought they were going to get that and priced it in to their estimates.  As I see it, that is the challenge that is going to determine if the 5c was a good decision (either way, I think it is a pretty good phone- the question is whether it really needs to be there or not).  If it succeeds in drawing new people into the Apple ecosystem its a win, if it just changes which flavor of phone someone already committed to going with Apple buys- my guess is the majority of Apple fans will continue to choose the 5s.


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    They spelled "decried" wrong. image


    The misspelling was in the original quotation, hence the [sic] after the misspelled word. Brush up on your rules of grammar before gleefully pointing out what you presume to be another's error.

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    Idk why they keep saying its a failure the day I went to get my mom her 5c there was a huge crowd getting the 4s and 5c and maybe 2 people playing around with the 5s. I've also seen them everywhere they seem to be very popular with the over 40 and under 16 crowd.
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    The misspelling was in the original quotation, hence the [sic] after the misspelled word. Brush up on your rules of grammar before gleefully pointing out what you presume to be another's error.


    I think the person was making a joke... saying that "they", not you, spelled 'decried' wrong... knowing full well that the author meant to spell 'described'.


    That was my take, anyway.

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    djsherlydjsherly Posts: 1,031member
    The misspelling was in the original quotation, hence the [sic] after the misspelled word. Brush up on your rules of grammar before gleefully pointing out what you presume to be another's error.

    Hmm. I think the OP knew the word was "described", the joke being the word actually mispelled was "decried".

    At least that's how I read it.
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    It is of course silly to make any kind of pronouncement in the absence of complete information, but that won't stop anyone. Even when sales figures are released, expect a huge amount of hot air to be expended on this spurious issue. Anything to detract from the undeniable fact that Apple once again has a holiday hit on its hands.

    One aspect of the 5C's hardened plastic case that has thus far received precious little attention is its durability in comparison to the soft aluminum case of the 5S. Indeed, to get the same kind of protection for the 5S requires shelling out more money for a case (an additional $39 for Apple's 5S case), which then covers up the 5S's otherwise-temporary beauty and adds to its bulk and weight. IOW, anyone who is interested in maintaining the value of their 5S would be foolish not to buy a case with it, while it is quite likely that the 5C will resell for a decent amount even if it isnt kept as protected.
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    rogifanrogifan Posts: 10,669member
    1. Basing what on?

    2. Your question doesn't quite make sense. Almost... but not quite. I'll try and unravel it for you by asking... 'With everything you have read so far do you think that Apple has exceeded its expectations with the 5c?'
    Since I don't know what Apple's expectations are/were how can I have an opinion on whether they exceeded them?
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    What everyone forgets is that Enterprises buy a lot of phones and many have decided to stay one year behind to save cost.  Now that the previous year model is plastic, I have yet to meet a business that hasn't moved to the 5s instead.  Apple removed the option for businesses or individuals to buy a previous year, similar looking model.  Well done Apple.

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    I think the 5c is right at the price point it needs to be. As a Nokia 1020 owner myself, if my daughter wanted an iPhone 5c I would have no problems getting her one (I don't have a daughter, but that is another story :). I like the direction iOS7 took and think the polycarbonate body is a little more rugged for the real world (I don't care to much for big bulky cases).
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    asdasd wrote:
    Instead everything has to be explained away in execrable gaseous prose which nobody reads to the end, and a good percentage dont even read at all...Lets get back to rumours and reviews and send the "editorials" to whatever ditto head cess pool of the Internet this character crawled in from.
    As the saying goes, people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. I only wish you could write in half as entertaining a manner as DED. Then I wouldn't have been forced to wade through your own pool of verbal excrement....
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    Originally Posted by drew0020 View Post

    The 5C is a pos. why anyone would care about $100 when they sign a 2 year $2,000 contract is something I will ever understand...

    In typical (as of late) apple insider had yet another fan boy article for no apparent reason.


    you sure youre just not hungry?

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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member

    The 5c has 5 models, and it's highly unlikely that all 5 would sell in exactly the same numbers. So Apple would have been planning all along to make a production adjustment shortly after launch, once they had gathered enough data to know which ones were selling. That is probably what the 35% cut was. The press need to put their thinking caps on. DED is right, they are too quick (eager, even) to say the sky is falling when it comes to anything to do with Apple.

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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    Since I don't know what Apple's expectations are/were how can I have an opinion on whether they exceeded them?




    Lack of precise knowledge doesn't seem to have stopped you from opinions in the past.


    ... and I don't say that sarcastically or with malice.

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    qo_qo_ Posts: 37member

    >I am mystified by people who think $100 less is somehow "not much cheaper."

    Because the 5c price is only 5% of the total cost of ownership, and the 5s price is insignificantly higher, like the cost of a latte higher (or whatever coffee floats your boat).

    The same logic applies for 16G iWhatever vs 64G. The cost differential is buried in the 2-year contract price.
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    inklinginkling Posts: 745member
    The 5c isn't competing with the 5s, because the latter is a far better deal. It's more powerful, it looks better, and it's distinctive. If you want a new iPhone, the 5s makes far better sense. Even if you want a colorful case, you can simply add one to the 5s.

    If Apple wants the 5c to sell well, it won't be enough to lower the price with a two-year contract. These contracts costs so much--a couple of thousand dollars--that even cutting the 5c price down to zero won't make much difference in the total cost of ownership. Apple needs to reduce the price enough to sell direct to those who don't sign long contracts. That's an untapped market that mostly buys used iPhones (like me).

    Do the numbers. The 5c costs $173 to build. Sell it unlocked for twice that, $350, and it'll do quite well. And many of those who but the 5c will, in a couple of years buy a 6s.
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    longsilver wrote: »
    The merits of the argument made here are undermined by the distraction of what has become a familiar wounded-fanboy tone in Daniel Eran Dilger's articles. His recent piece "WSJ backpedals on iPhone 5c supply chain cuts story" had a similar tone.

    Click-bait editorializing is one thing, but these articles get a little too close to sounding like sophomoronic sneering. This all the more disappointing when, as is the case with these articles, there are actually some sensible points buried in the haughty sarcasm.

    Your cancer is noted. Now, get back to your village, they need you.
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    I've never worked for a cellular phone company, but if the salespeople get any kind of commission like payment, I'd guess they'd steer customers toward the 5s.
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