Rumor: Big-screen 'iPhone 6' coming Sept. 2014, Apple to focus on one-handed use



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    I said my thoughts. I have no desire to go on and on. 



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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    That doesn’t make sense. What year is this, next?



    iPhone 6

    iPhone 5SC

    iPhone 5C



    iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6C

    iPhone 5SC



    iPhone 7

    iPhone 6SC

    iPhone 6C


    Makes sense to me.


    I see Apple continuing to sell the 5S.

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    My problem in that regard is with their naming schemes. My stars, if they’d just call it ‘iPad’ we could solve this whole thing! iPad. Available in 7.9”, 9.7”, and 12”. iPhone. One name, always the same. Three ages at once. Next year the mid-range iPhone will be “iPhone 5SC”. Come on, Apple. Were it just iPhone, iPhone, and iPhone, customers would see the difference in the hardware. They have great charts for comparison already.

    They can have more products, easily, if they just streamline the names.

    Five seconds ago. I know of many products Apple could release to change the world. Again. I know that most of them require a few more years development, but I’m confident they’ll be realized. There’s big stuff happening.
    I know like macs, I figure we will hit it sometime, with the scheme
    Mactower(mini or pro in same body)
    iMac-what it is now
    MacBook-13,15, maybe 17 inch single laptop with plenty of minor configs for a $1000-$1500 or $2000
    IPad-1 device in 8 10(maybe 12) inch models for $350ish to $1000
    iPhone cell/wifi like the IPad with it in different body at 3.5, 4, 4.5,5 inch display(or simular) replacing iPod by a iPhone body obviously.
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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    They need to stick a voice chip in the LTE mini and be done with it.

    Go big or go home.
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    Originally Posted by GrangerFX View Post

    I like a range of sizes for smart phones. A 6" makes sense as does a 4". My wife does not like the current iPhone because it is too big for her pockets. Apple should also go the other direction and make a tiny iPhone with a 3" screen.

    I've been saying this ever since they introduced the 5. I like my 3.5" 4 screen. 3" would be even better, or at least a shorter form factor (put the home button the back, and embed the earpiece in the screen for instance).  


    And there's no reason whatsoever not to sell a larger phone if there's a market for it. 


    Where are the studies that show people don't want smaller or larger phones? Not that Apple listens to them anyway, then again, they just felt like now was the time for a less expensive plastic phone as they expand into critical international markets that don't have subsidies?

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    jumejume Posts: 208member
    There are good reasons for Apple to make larger screen iPhones. I know bunch of business people that switched to Samsung just because of a bigger screen! And they don't want to go back, because iPhone screen is just to small. And I agree. Samsung S3 and S4 can be easily handled with 1 hand. It does easily it into the pocket, and a larger screen is really something nice to have. I have no clues why Apple is waiting so long!
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    Originally Posted by Jume View Post

    Samsung S3 and S4 can be easily handled with 1 hand.


    Hey, Shaq, we’re not all you.

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    I couldn't care less if a larger iphone is operable in one hand as i have two hands. Gimme a 5" iPhone 6. For me that would be about perfect.

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    honestly me you and everyone on this post knows that any new iphone will still be the same hardware/software,,, just new look..


    btw buy and sell old or new iphones ipods ipads and imacs on .. its like  a craigslist only for apple devices.

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    Originally Posted by faZZter View Post

    I couldn't care less if a larger iphone is operable in one hand as i have two hands.


    Always available, never carrying or doing anything else, ever, at any time you might want to be using the phone? Good to know. You’re in the minority.

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    I sure hope Apple comes out with a competitive 5.7 inch phone as rumors say in 2014. I was hoping I would have had one this year...Oh well.

    I also know that as a single person, Apple does not care about me...but, they are loosing out on a large middle age demographic who wants larger phones to see more easily. ("no" zoom does not help much).

    All I can say is that if Apples does not have a 5.7 ich or larger phone in 2014, I will be saying "Hello HTX MAX or Samsung Galacy Note 3".
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    Originally Posted by expertmagician View Post

    5.7 inch

    That’s not a phone. Just go buy some Schmidt from someone else already.

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    Ya know people have different hand sizes%u2026. while I'm not advocating for Galaxy sizes, a 5" screen would be very welcomed%u2026 just don't make it long again%u2026 a little width would be nice. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to split the iPhone market into two screen sizes%u2026 you don't need more but two would satisfy most people. i for one would love a large screened phone (not Galaxy note size though) but there is no way in hell I'm going to Android again (been there, done that%u2026. hated the experience). Given that we just saw an "S" upgrade of an iPhone it will not be surprising at all if the next phone has a complete redesign and brings a different screen size. Kinda fits into the way Apple has thus far operated.
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    Just thought I'd quote Apple's Messiah. I believe this one is found in Jobs 2:3 - “No One Is Going To Buy A Big Phone”

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    Google just announced the Nexus 5 with a 4.95" screen. Available tomorrow, November 1st.

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    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post


    Google just announced the Nexus 5 with a 4.95" screen. Available tomorrow, November 1st.


    And since no one will buy it, this begs the question..... why? ;)

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    Originally Posted by Rogifan View Post

    [...] there's no way Apple would be leaking stuff like this because it very well could have an impact on 5S sales.


    For those of us holding out for a larger screen, purchasing a 5S isn't a consideration anyway. If Apple really is planning a larger screen for next year, it would be a good idea to let people like me know before we get desperate and do something foolish we'll all regret later...

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    Originally Posted by 3Eleven View Post


    "the first big-screen phone able to be operated with just one hand."

    I've played with the Note series of phones in stores and had no issues using it with one hand. I guess if you're female or have small hands I could see an issue.


    My question is WHY Apple makes such a big deal about being able to use it one-handed in the first place? From what I see, no one does that!


    If anyone wants to see it, I'll video record my 15 minute train ride to work. If you can pick out even one person using their smartphone one-handed I'll buy a 5S.

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    Originally Posted by v5v View Post

    From what I see, no one does that!


    So you see no one using their smartphone with one hand. Ever. At any time.

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