Apple hints it may not have enough Retina iPad minis to meet holiday demand



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    mvigod wrote: »
    I do not hate apple.  Quite the opposite.  I'm beyond frustrated at the never ending missteps and mismanagement of the company on both the product side as well as the financial side. 

    Disclosure.  I own 3 iphones, 5 ipads, Apple TV and an iMac.  I'm a big apple user.  not changing.  Furthermore I am short PUTS which means I want them to do well and want the stock to go up OR I will lose money. 

    And who's fault is that?
    You chose to buy Apple (products and options) with your money. If you think so poorly of the way the company is run, you should think twice about investing there. Is that not common sense for investing?

    Take your investments elsewhere if they're not run in a way that gives you confidence.
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    ireland wrote: »
    It would be double the graphics performance. For some reason my gut said iOS devices will get A7x next year. Don't know why but that just feels possible.

    Wow, an imaginary product with imaginary benchmarks. Apple never said it exists. "A7X" just fiction--not even a rumor at this point.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Might wait for the 2014 mini now. Hopefully they'll include TouchID

    Would be great, but one thing I realize is that with the proliferation of smart covers, iPad users are far less likely to add a passcode because of the convenience of the auto-wake/sleep. So touch id on iPad really slows u done rather than speed u up like on iPhone.

    iPads should still have security, so I guess the Smart Cover can coexist with Touch ID. But it wouldn't be the elegant experience that it is on iPhone.

    Need to rethink it a bit.
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