Users report trackpad, keyboard lockups with Apple's newest MacBook Pros



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    Originally Posted by StephanJobs View Post

    In my Batman voice

    WHO IS HE?!!?!


    WHERE IS HE!?!?

    We are waiting with bated breath.

    I'm sorry… Honestly… I'm really not trying to attack you.

    But what does this have to do with anything? I know many professionals and personal people who only use Mac… But that doesn't say or mean anything about Microsoft and their failures or successes.

    Sometimes it's personal preference. Sometimes it's business. If this mystery guy is a business professional, I can see him only using Microsoft because that is the dominant force in many businesses.

    Or he's old and he doesn't want to learn two different platforms.

    But to say you're worried just because this guy only uses Microsoft… I mean… Really?

    Does he have a name in the industry?

    Is it Steve Ballmer? LOL

    Really we don't know his name, we don't know what he does, but even if I did it wouldn't make a difference. All businesses and products have their hiccups. It's how they treat the customer in the end and how well they recover which I think Apple does exceedingly well.

    I say to anyone who's worried...drop apple and go with the rest....

    Most likely we will see you back here either way lol

    It's true Steve Jobs is gone… And that's a sad thing.

    But Apple still has a lot of clout. A lot of professionals that are very creative and talented, And a lot of money. All the factors in turn attracts many new people in the industry and new up and comers. They have a lot of talent on the rise and I think that they are still in a better position than any other company. So Steve Jobs or not, you know you got a look at the Playing field as it stands now and Adjust your criticisms and expectations accordingly.

    I don't see this potential in other rival companies at the moment.

    I still think without any doubt… That Apple is the best we have out there.

    We have to stop comparing them to the Steve Jobs era. Steve Jobs is not with Apple… But then again he's not with any other company either. This is the best we got in my opinion

    Well, I'm not budging. I'm sticking with Apple. They have less reasons for me to switch. I won't go to Android.  That will NEVER happen.


    Microsoft?  been there, done that, did get t-shirts and coffee mugs.   I do like one of the Microsoft coffee mugs.  It's one of those big ones that I can use when enjoying a bowl of chili.  But I only use Office because i am used to it and some stupid form a bank sent me that I had to use Office, which was silly because it wasn't anything that couldn't be done with Numbers.


    I actually think Apple is going in the right direction in a lot of ways, but remember, they are adding people all of the time and they are bringing out more h/w and s/w products than ever before.   Look at the models of computers Apple had the day Job went back to Apple and announced the iMac.


    They have a lot of things already released and to be released.

    They announced more products in one day than they did during an entire year as they did 10 years ago.


    Apple from a financial perspective is CRUSHING the PC industry.  Add up the amount of net profits Apple generates in a year than HP, DELL, Microsoft, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer COMBINED.  I guess maybe because Apple uses their own computers and supports their own computers, they can function more efficiently than companies that use, sell and support Windows. It certainly looks that way.

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    My keyboard functions with Mavericks, my magic trackpad not so much. I have a late 2013 Imac, would a magic mouse work any better? A USB mouse? Really, these problems are making me avoid using the Mac.

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    Never had a problem with my MTP using Mavericks so far

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