find a friends iPad using my iPad?

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Is there a way, my friend can use my iPad to find his iPad?




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    you can't log into iCloud from Safari on iOS ... but perhaps with a different browser?

    ... I haven't tried it, so it might not work... but try a different browser and see if you can log in.

    (I think Dolphin is free if you need to find one real quick... i also think Chrome might be available for iOS.)

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    Maybe, call your friends ipad? if his ipad launch skype

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    nceencee Posts: 857member

    Thank you. Turned out I was trying to locate his iPad, after logging into my account and not his.


    It appears his iPad is turned off, or hidden? I say this because it's say's it's online, but can't locate, but then agin, 3 minutes later it say's it's not online?


    But once I logged in as him (with him there to put in his info), it at least looked for it.

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    If his iPad is NOT cellular, then the only way it can be "located" is if it is on a WiFi network that is contained in whatever location database(s) Apple uses for this.  Most personal WiFi networks will NOT be included in such a database ... so seeing it as "online" but "unable to locate" is not that unusual.

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