Apple's cylindrical Mac Pro will debut in Dec. starting at $2,999



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    you can have spanning raid arrays across cards also raid is not just about speed.


    And some people may want an fast os + app drive with maybe some working space and an bigger storage drive in the same box.


    If you RAID across PCI-e cards, you lose TRIM support, drivers don't support it yet.

    I'd rather have the working space and bigger storage be external so it can easily be moved between computers when needed. The OS and Apps aren't movable so those go on the internal fast drive. The external TB2 SSD drive can be powered by the TB2 bus and is fast enough to not notice a difference as with slow USB or Firewire. This also gives those who don't need a big box a small computer. Only those who need more, have to make room for more. A huge box is like salting everyone's food when not everyone wants salt, it only caters to those who have more to put in it and inconveniences the rest.

    I'm planning on someday going with external SSD on a TB port since it won't conflict with my USB DAC.  My DAC is only one direction, but with an external drive, I'll need to do stream data off it and move things back and forth at the same time, which TB is designed to do.  I'm just looking at what options there are and trying to figure out if I would rather go with SSD (it doesn't have to be RAID), or a RAID box.  I could go with a  RAID HDD, but I would need at least 3 or more drives to do RAID 5 so I wouldn't really need Time Machine in that instance.  So, right now, i'm just looking at my options and pricing and see when I can afford to do what I feel will be the most reliable, best performance that's hopefully compact and within my budget.  Right now, I am just using internal Fusion drive and an external USB Time Machine drive on a separate USB bus so it doesn't conflict with the USB DAC.


    I would LOVE to get my hands on a new MacPro, but right now I can only dream of having one, maybe next year I can afford one and use it the way it's intended.  

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    Most of them are wrong.


    Cats shouldn’t have citrus, anyway.


    Apples aren't citrus. I guess your second point proves the first <grin>.

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    Apples aren't citrus.


    They have ~21mg citric acid.

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    They have ~21mg citric acid.
    Still doesn't make them citrus.
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    Still doesn't make them citrus.


    Sure it doesn’t.

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