Tim Cook vetoes Apple Retail plan to open additional stores on Thanksgiving, gives workers holiday o



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    Maybe I got this wrong, but my understanding from this and another story is that now all US Apple Retail Stores WILL be closed.


    All WERE previously planned to be closed on Thanksgiving Day, yet some managers balked, wanted NOT to be closed, and planned to remain open. Tim vetoed that position (ostensibly losing money for the company) and stated that, yes, they all WOULD be closed.


    Story: All US Apple Retail stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, potentially losing money, but relieving employees of needing to work on a family-oriented holiday.

    There's only one way that the stores "lose" money:   in the case where someone's got money to burn in their pocket, intends to buy an Apple product from an Apple store with that money, the store is closed and instead, they either:

    a) go and buy that same Apple product from another retailer.   Apple gets a bit less money than they would have, but still wins.  -or-

    b) they go by something else instead completely unrelated to Apple and never go back to make that Apple purchase.


    With the possible exception of accessories, I would say that case "b" is highly unlikely.    Most Apple purchases are of expensive items that are planned purchases.    


    Most Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping are for the bargain hunters who are looking for deep discounts that go beyond an ordinary sale, like the $200 HDTV or the $25 Blu-ray player.   Since Apple rarely discounts anything and sells most third-party accessories at full list price, it's unlikely that Apple is really losing any business by closing on Thursday.     For that to happen, you would have to have a situation where someone wants to purchase a computer, pad or phone on Thursday and then either never buys it or buys the competition because the Apple store is closed.      I don't believe that's a real case.


    Tim did the right thing.   Not only was it the right thing for most Apple employees (although there are some people who don't have families or a place to spend Thanksgiving and actually prefer to work on such holidays or some hourly-paid employees who need the money and want to work holidays), it's the right thing for the brand, as it gives Apple a sheen of class that most other retailers now totally lack.    It hearkens back to "Think Different" (or maybe "Act Different").    If they don't close, it makes them look no better than WalMart.   

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    On the holiday the smart shoppers don't go to apple stores anyway since they are crowded zoos.  Most will buy online from amazon.  So this holiday closure makes apple look good but it makes a small difference in sales.  And the people in china making the devices don't get holiday off, but probably worked many more hours to anticipate it.

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    Thumbs up.
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    Three cheers for Tim Cook! Another reason I think Apple is a great company.
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    I'm sure the wall street assholes hate this. Funny how the more investors dislike Tim Cook the more I like him. To the stockholders, it isn't all about you and profits. Get over it.
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    Most don't chose between Apple and android. Choice is between Samsung and other androids. This is with emergency of any china droids with better quality, Samaungs days are
    Numbered because soon china droids will undercut everything Samsung
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    Samaungs days are Numbered because soon china droids will undercut everything Samsung


    I sort of hope so. I want them destroyed by truth, justice, and the Chinese beating them at their own game. Heck, you can buy a total no-name knockoff Chinese 4K television for like $2,500 already.

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    vaporland wrote: »
    It's never thanksgiving day @ the Foxconn plant in china


    /was sarcasm/

    You're a sour one.
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    I sort of hope so. I want them destroyed by truth, justice, and the Chinese beating them at their own game. Heck, you can buy a total no-name knockoff Chinese 4K television for like $2,500 already.

    Wow. That's an extreme price drop for a 4K set.
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    Costco, Nordstroms and Apple.  Three stores I like to buy from because I get decent service and the employees seem happy.  Happier anyway than most retail stores.

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    You're a sour one.
    Can't compare western world standard of living to South East Asia standard of living yet,

    If you compare Apples to Apples might not be so sour.
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    inkling wrote: »

    One major difference between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook is that the latter seems to have more of a heart. I suspect he doesn't throw yelling, screaming and cursing fits either.

    --Michael W. Perry, My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer

    He doesn't need to yell. Apparently he has a disapproving gaze that can level a conference room like Godzilla levels Tokyo.
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