AT&T now offers discounted monthly service for contract-free data sharing customers



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    r00fusr00fus Posts: 245member
    Too little, too late, AT&T. We ditched you last year once TMobile started supporting the iPhone.

    I always hated being on AT&T - they support corrupt politicians to further their business goals and they have crappy service and lately have been on a roll in policies to screw over their customers (Where is HD Voice, AT&T ?!?! thought you were going to roll that out this fall)

    TMobile doesn't have the best signal, but it works fine for me (LTE most places, 4G everywhere else I usually go), and combined with HDVoice and inexpensive family plans (my wife/parents don't need access to my 2GB data pool - they have their own 500MB allotments that work out fine for their light usage) combined with their uncarrier non-contract approach makes them the best choice for me.
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    Great news.  Amazing what competition can do to an industry -> lower prices.


    We need the government to remove the cable company monopoly next so we get choice and lower prices there too.

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