Fiverr lets users buy & sell services anywhere with new iPhone app

in iPhone edited January 2014
Popular user-to-user service marketplace Fiverr made their first move from the desktop to mobile devices on Tuesday with the launch of their new iPhone app, allowing customers to order gigs on the go.


Fiverr's marketplace, which according to the company operates in 196 countries, lets users buy services, called "gigs,"?for as little as $5. Gigs range from the utilitarian, like designing a logo for a business, to the bizarre --?one seller offers a 15-second video from "Jack the beatboxing chin," with a $5 option to decorate the chin that can bring the gig's total to $10.

The company's iPhone app provides quick access to what Fiverr says is a database of more than 3 million gigs, and retains crucial parts of the desktop experience like user feedback and seller ratings. Gigs are displayed as thumbnails in an infinitely-scrollable list, and users can sort by category --?of which there are 120 --?or use the app's free-text search field to find a specific type of gig.

Users can also bookmark individual gigs and gather them into collections for later review, and gig updates are delivered via Apple's push notification service.

Purchasing a gig is a one-click affair for users who already have Fiverr accounts, while new users have the option of signing up within the app. The app gives users the option of remembering their payment details to make future purchases easier.

As part of the launch, Fiverr is offering a buy-one-get-one-free promotion for new users. Fiverr mobile is available today as a free, 13.6-megabyte download from the App Store.


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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    Removed due to In-app purchases, in 3....2....1...
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    cnocbui wrote: »
    Removed due to In-app purchases, in 3....2....1...

    You misunderstand Apple's rules: look at the Amazon app. You can buy anything from within the app--been that way for years, and Apple takes no cut. Likewise I can shop with the eBay app or order a Chipotle burrito.

    Apple's rules apply to digital content/services consumed on the device, not to "real world" sales.
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    I have never understood the point of places like Fiverr. There's also another site called where someone posts up a design job (usually a logo) with a defined "prize" and then millions of people fight over it by building logos...and then submitting millions of variations on those logos and flooding the job posting with them. Sometimes they are for good money, but sometimes not so much. Also, if your work didn't get chosen, you just sat there and wasted your time (which is important if you are an actual graphic designer). Some of the people who submit stuff look like they have no idea what they are doing...but just got pirated copies of Adobe CS and are going nuts. It's not a healthy environment for high design.

    Fiverr is the same thing only sort of the opposite deal...rather than fighting for a job that already exists with existing details, you just post up, "I'll make you a logo for $5!" and then see who bites. How in any meaningful way do you make a $5 logo? How in any meaningful way do you give the "client" something useful for $5? How are you supposed to give them $5 worth of your time? Some places charge by the 1/4hr...and it's not $5 per 1/4hr...that's for sure.
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    Simple. Find plenty of morons in 196 countries that will do anything for $5 and charge a small fee for every transaction. Watch your cash pile grow.
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    App is cool but site itself isnt that cool. I'm loosing my orders after their new relaunch. For me, Fiverr should take some serious steps if they wana stay in market for SEO or website related services. Well, now I prefer, I got 65 orders in just first 2 months, thats a big achievement for me!
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