In depth review: Apple's iPhone 5s running iOS 7



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    "Apple's priority for Touch ID was to secure users' devices, a task it had been working on for some time."


    I keep seeing this repeated by supposedly informed Apple bloggers and it is just pure idiocy.


    Touch ID is not, and was never supposed to be, more secure than the Passcode. Why? Because the Passcode is still there. Swipe to the right and there it is. Same security as before. Touch ID is merely faster and more convenient. 


    I love it, it is really great and if it prevents me ever having to enter a password I'm all for it. But stop making claims that it is in ANY way 'enhanced' security, as it absolutely is not.


    And before anyone even points it out, the argument that, "Now you can add a much more complicated aka more secure passcode since you don't have to enter ti frequently."


    Yes you can. But people won't. People are even LESS likely to use an 8 digit secure passcode, as they won't be using it often. Longer are harder to remember...not what people will tend towards when they aren't entering it repeatedly.

    Faster and more convenient would, presumably, entice those who used NO passcode, to do so. A Touch ID/passcode where there was none before is more secure.

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    The two features I regard as by far the most important are the multiband LTE support (which ought to be standard on every 4G phone) and the dual-tube flash (which ought to be standard on every electronic flash from every camera manufacturer).

    The LTE band support speaks to Apple's power in relation to the carriers, whom I'm convinced are deliberately getting away with effectively tying Android phones by making them come with support for only one carrier's LTE bands, and it's important because it means a genuinely portable device that turns into a keeper for a few years; the dual-tube flash is an essential feature to avoid either weird color showing up in flash photography or having to gel the flash to achieve correct color, and I'm at a loss as to why Nikon and Canon for example have declined so far to do such a thing even on their $550 pro flash units. This flash feature on the iPhone achieves its importance by putting the final boot into small point-and-shoot cameras; for most low-light purposes the iPhone's photos are now going to be superior.
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    Apple iPhone 5S Review



    •    CDMA 800 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 – A1533 (CDMA), A1453

    •    123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in)

    •    Fingerprint sensor (Touch ID)

    •    Corning Gorilla Glass, oleophobic coating

    •    1/3'' sensor size, 1.5 µm pixel size, simultaneous HD video and image recording, touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection, HDR panorama, HDR photo

    •    16/32/64 GB storage, 1 GB RAM DDR3

    •    iOS 7, upgradable to iOS 7.0.4

    •    Space Gray, White/Silver, Gold

    •    Endurance rating 54h

    •    Music Up to 40 h 


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