Apple's iOS edges out Android in mobile ad traffic, dominates in revenue

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For the fourth quarter of 2013, Apple held an impressive lead over rival OS Android in mobile advertising marketshare, says Opera Mediaworks, but more importantly the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch combined to net 55 percent of all ad revenue for the period.

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Clockwise from top left: Mobile ad traffic by region, overall OS and device share, platform traffic distribution.Source: Opera Mediaworks

According to a study released by ad solution platform Opera Mediaworks on Tuesday, Apple's iOS accounted for 43.39 percent of mobile traffic during the three months ending in December, while Google's Android came up with 37.71 percent.

Eyes-on traffic is only half the story, however. Perhaps more important to advertisers is conversion and monetization of their investments. For this metric, iOS was the dominant leader, generating 55.70 percent of all mobile ad revenue for the quarter. In comparison, Android came away with a 31.73 percent share of revenue over the three-month period.

Looking specifically at smartphones, the sheer number of Android makes and models on the market garnered the platform more ad traffic than Apple's handset, resulting in a 35.85 percent share versus the iPhone's 28.72 percent. Despite the lower number, the iPhone produced 40.03 percent of ad revenue compared to all Android smartphones, which only managed a 30.07 percent stake.

In fact, the iPhone's share of revenue outperformed Android's overall piece of the pie, smartphones and tablets included. Slates running Android took 1.86 percent of mobile ad traffic and netted 1.67 percent of revenue for the quarter. By contrast, Apple's iPad accounted for 10.59 percent of traffic and 12.70 percent of revenue during the same period.

Digging deeper into Opera Mediaworks' numbers, the firm saw a 52 percent rise in mobile ad traffic worldwide. Although U.S. share of traffic dropped to 48.64 percent, the country accounts for about 70 percent of the ad platform's revenue. South America also saw significant growth during the fourth quarter and throughout 2013 as Brazil overtaking Mexico in the top-20 countries as measured by traffic. Android was a clear leader in the burgeoning market, with 47.56 percent of traffic compared to iOS' 14.88 percent.


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    I feel like I've heard this story before...
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    christophbchristophb Posts: 1,482member
    [B]"[SIZE=4][/SIZE]Other" obliterates Windows in mobile ad traffic by over %800![/B]
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    Apple needs it's own search engine with great advertising.


    Now, if Apple could only get Samsung to stop copying its software and hardware designs and the DOJ + Amazon from interfering with its business life would be good.


    Expect great things this year:


       New TV Platform + Streaming TV business

       New iCloud computing device.

       New Point of Sale ePayment system.

       iOS in the Car

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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    I really don't care that iPhones and other iOS devices buy more stuff online. Yay for winning.... :\
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    We are always getting these figures from you, and it would really help if the article specified if the market share and money share and so on was UNITED STATES or GLOBAL. Half the time it's one or other, but the articles you print rarely specify which one. It should be in the first paragraph.

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    Where's Apple ][?

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    dnd0psdnd0ps Posts: 253member
    But but... Android
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    arlorarlor Posts: 532member

    Originally Posted by AppleSauce007 View Post


    Apple needs it's own search engine with great advertising.



    There's no such thing as great advertising.

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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member

    I'd imagine that the iOS number includes revenue for Google on iOS - but all the same I would be worried if I were Google.   The PC and Laptop markets are dying, and the hardware vendors for iOS and Android could easily capture all of the advertising revenue leaving nothing left for Google.

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    In other news appl stock will be down this week for no reason at all!!!
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    mknoppmknopp Posts: 257member
    Just more evidence pointing to the fact that Android phones are the new feature phone. Android leads in market share of phones sold, but despite their numbers lead they trail in pretty much every metric that relates to phones being used as smartphones.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,343member
    Very vaguely related and in the news I considered surprising category (maybe I shouldn't have) Motorola is making the transition to Android from iOS a bit easier. Courtesy 9-5:

    [B]"Motorola has added iCloud support to its Motorola Migrate app[/B], making it far easier to switch from an iPhone to a Moto X, Moto G or Droid handset...

    ...With this update, you can pull in your contacts and calendar events by simply entering Apple ID and password directly into the app. The app the connects to iCloud and downloads your data automatically"
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,343member
    sog35 wrote: »
    thats all fine and dandy but what about your apps?  your movies?  Lost forever.

    I've no idea really. Would movies in your iTunes account be inaccessible thereafter? Inability to migrate apps is a given. I've been irritated in the past moving to a new computer and not being able to migrate applications, just data. (Where the heck did I put that old program disk anyway??)

    I was just surprised to see iCloud support mentioned regarding an Android device.
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