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I Had several visits in the past with Apple store,  sometimes it was a disappointment , once in New York city, but this time it is not just a disappointment with the quality of the service. I had  a minor issue on phone to check with someone, so I booked time of the visit online, I know how important is to book it in advance especially in London so I did. When I arrived   lady at the  door asked me to take a line in a Q which looks very long so I had no choice and took it.  When I got to the end  guy at the end told me that I am  late and my appointment just got cancelled.  He spend 5-7 minutes while serving me also  talking to other staff advising on some issue.  so I said I was waiting in the line for 25  minutes now  and was already furious that it took so long to stand and now he is telling me that I am late.  So I asked what should I do, he replied I had to book it again. This is after I made booking weeks earlier , traveled miles to attend my visit and due to the  service quality in the line that was entirely fault of apple  to keep you standing in the line for 30 minutes he is now asking me to book again , leave and come back whenever ? no sorry , no excuse of any kind  just saying that it is what it is.  :mad:


Then he asked  me to take another line to see if there is any available time for me to come back later. Guess what , he could not check that so asked  me to take again another line for 15+ minutes and top try to resolve my appointment for later.  When I asked for Manager to complain about this  awful service of waiting , canceling and no apology,  he said he is the manager (second guy)  so I asked him if this is the level of the service they give to customers, he’s reply was  that nothing he can do  and he  implied that maybe I was late and that is the whole issue. Can you imagine ?  he blames  customer that I was  late and was just making a story.  I was furious because what suppose to be organized easy, positive visit for minor issue ended up in the blaming me for maybe I was not honest and if I was there is nothing he could do. Wow. Wow, what a service !  Manager’s name was Ollie Lloyd and other guy  who was more disorganized and

Actually  was not apologetic for my cancellation at all  did not had a name tag .   keep up a good customer service , you will soon have more fans like me.




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    lady at the  door asked me to take a line in a Q which looks very long so I had no choice


    Sounds like you had a choice. Was the building completely full? Was there no room whatsoever for people to walk about? Did you offer a statement as to your purpose for being there or did you just quietly get in line like you were told?

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    I told the lady the time i had booking for  and she asked me to take a line so i did.  but  issue is also as to how are they dealing with people who genuinely booked and arrived to the appointment and  customer services is like Machines (your appointments cancelled in the system - good bye)  type of approach and no room for apology 

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