Skype does not work with IOS 7??

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Installed IOS 7 on my IPhone 5 yesterday. Everything worked except Skype, which crashes as soon as you start it. Tried deleting, and re installing from the App store but same result. Anyone seeing this or is it just me. There are quite a few articles about it not working with early Beta versions iof IOS7 but nothing in the last few days.

Regards Graham


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    Good. Maybe people will use the better messaging service that Apple offers now.

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    I would be interested to know how I can call landlines or office phones in the uk for one cent per minute from my iPhone using apple messaging services.
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    You can't Graham, TS was being a dick.

    iMessage IS great, but it only works with your friends that also have iPhones... I also call lots of people that use non-Apple hardware. (I get the impression that TS would shun those folks!) ;)

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    Thanks KOSH. I have now heard from others that Skype works for some, but not others but haven't found the common factor yet. 

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    Originally Posted by Graham Reeves View Post
    Skype works for some, but not others but haven't found the common factor yet. 


    The fact that they haven’t updated their app for iOS 7 yet. This isn’t anything to do with Apple.

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    Nobody suggested it did.

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    Right I am not blaming Apple. I just know Skype works for some on IPhone 5 with IOS7, but not for me. I was hoping to figure out if I had setup something incorrectly. So far no luck.

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    This morning I reset the IPhone, and downloaded the newest Skype. Lo and behold it works. 

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    yes Skype is not working with latest IOS on iPhone 5, i tried so many time delete and install the same thing is happening please help me.








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    Dear bro, pls download Skype again from AppStore and then reinstall it. Thanks :D

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    Me too - anyone got any ideas?

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