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Since I download the new version on Pages (per update announcement), none of the documents will open.  It says "Word cannot open this document.  The document might be in use or might not be a valid Word document".  Its not suppose to be a word document.  I tried clicking on Pages so that was "open" when I tried to click on a saved document but it kept reverting back to Word.  At this point I realize I have lost several documents because of this and will not be able to use Pages which is the program they use at my workplace.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    crowleycrowley Posts: 6,062member

    From within Pages try File > Open and open your documents that way?  Then, if that opens, save a new version to native .pages format.

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    kateykatey Posts: 2member

    Thank you, that strategy did open the documents.  When I went to resave them, it did not give me any options for how or where to save.  Could you please help with how to do that?  I went up to file and when I clicked on save, that's just what it did.  I went to try to open it and it once again, would not open.  One document I ended up putting in the cloud (Under file, I went to open, and it was iCloud on my mac and used the option to create a file there ) and that document will open.

    thank you again.

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    crowleycrowley Posts: 6,062member
    Someone else will have to help, I don't have the new Pages to know the specifics of how the saving works. If saving the document to iCloud solves the problem, I'd suggest just doing that for all the documents, if that's practical.
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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member

    Do you have MS word ? It sounds like you have associated pages documents with MS word. Right click on the document and select "get info" Make sure the "open with" tab is set to use pages. you can change the association of All documents here too. 

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