Recommend some image browser on Mac

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My Thinkpad retired, and now I buy a new Macbook Pro Retina. 


It’s great but no good image browser for me to scan and pick photos. I just want a sort of browser like the previous one in my old window PC. It can load an entire folder of photos and read them all. 


When searching in App Store, I found two: Xee3 & ArcSoft Photo+. Is anyone having them and can give me some advice? 


Xee3 prices $3.99, I can afford. But Photo+ is free now. Anyone likes free, right? 


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    What’s wrong with iPhoto?

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,473moderator
    What’s wrong with iPhoto?

    I suspect this is ArcSoft spam, note the preference towards the ArcSoft option. It's been spammed before.

    Xee is good software for this purpose and very fast at loading images as it does it all on the GPU but iPhoto has the thumbnail view.
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    I've used the older version of Xee but mainly still use Preview for browsing and Adobe Lightroom for editing. I recently started using Arcsoft Photo+ and like it very much. It is fast and can load a whole folder by justing dragging in a single picture.  It is also important for me that photo+ can be configured to display the EXIF of each file as I browse.  I do not like how iPhoto puts every picture in its great big "library" - that was my experience from years ago and I do not know it it has changed since then.  I prefer a lean program that does a single thing very well. To me that is Photo+.

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