Pebble Smartwatch iOS app update brings new Pebble apps, sharing options

in iPhone edited April 2014
Two days after releasing a buggy update to its Pebble Smartwatch iOS app, Pebble on Wednesday pushed out a patched version of the title that offers users all-new apps and sharing capabilities.


With the latest release, Pebble Smartwatch for iOS hits version 2.1.1 and brings with it new Pebble appstore software and sharing features.

Originally released on Monday, the update was pulled from the iOS App Store after users complained of crashes that rendered the app useless. The broken update also delayed the company's Pebble App Challenge, a contest looking for the best app on the Pebble appstore for 2014.

As for the fixed update, owners of the original Pebble and newly redesigned Pebble Steel are now able to share Pebble appstore apps with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook and text message. In addition, the company has added a few new titles to the proprietary digital storefront, as well as general bug fixes.

Pebble Smartwatch is a free 34MB download from the iOS App Store.


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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    It's not even close to being a product I would buy but I applaud what they've accomplished from their initial kickstart to market [I]less than a year[/I] ago.
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    crysisftwcrysisftw Posts: 128member

    Are we all becoming lazier?

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    tdknoxtdknox Posts: 74member

    It wasn't Pebble's fault. The app they released wasn't broken. The crashiness was introduced when the app was signed by Apple. All the testing in the world to the app before it was released and signed wouldn't have caught this.


    I give Pebble props for finding and fixing the issue in less than 3 days. My Pebble watch is back to being useful again.

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