Developers get new app content descriptions, rating systems in iTunes Connect update

in iPhone edited April 2014
Apple on Tuesday sent out emails to developers notifying them of changes to iTunes Connect that may impact how the company rates their apps, including a new rating system for the Brazilian App Store and territory-specific restrictions.

According to the email, shared with AppleInsider by reader Gregg, Apple points out that developers can now choose from three new content descriptions for better search filtering. In addition, new ratings systems have been installed for certain international App Stores.

The added descriptions include "Medical/Treatment Information," "Gambling and Contests," and "Unrestricted Web Access," the latter of which can be applied to apps with built-in Web browsers. Previously, the iOS App Store would assign higher age ratings for apps that granted users browser access due to the uncontrolled nature of the Web.

As for territory-specific restrictions based on rating, Apple said policies in the Korea, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia App Stores have changed. The modifications are already live and developers can see the current rating and possible restrictions on their wares in iTunes Connect.

Finally, the note discusses a new rating system for the Brazilian market. In compliance with local regulations, the Brazil App Store issues a region-specific rating for games. Ratings are generated automatically from existing app content descriptions and developers can check their app's status on iTunes Connect or the app's page in the Brazilian App Store.


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    There are a million apps. Some good, some great.

    The reason I still subscribe to Macworld is they do all the work for me! E.g., 1password. Capo, etc.
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    I'm not familiar with how these content descriptions work. Do we see any connection between the Medical one listed here and the rumored Apple-fication of the health industry?
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