Apple granted license to sell and market products, conduct research in Saudi Arabia



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    chez whiteychez whitey Posts: 148member
    Bullish for Apple investors. Saudi Arabia is far from perfect but one of the USAs strongest allies in the wild, wild Middle East as well as flu$h with cash.
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    chez whiteychez whitey Posts: 148member
    apple ][ wrote: »
    I thought that Apple was about human rights, gay rights, anti-discrimination and all that stuff. They certainly seem to have been talking about it a lot lately.

    Or maybe that just applies to the US, and who cares what happens elsewhere.

    Have to gain entry and participate in a society to help change it. Tech is opening the eyes of many.
    Look at the YouTube video of young people dancing to "Happy" in Iran, new Iranian Prez tweeted "we shouldn't be too hard on young people celebrating joy"
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    constable odoconstable odo Posts: 1,041member

    Send in the Apple troops.  The new Desert Storm is about to begin.  Time to kick some Android ass and drive Google and Samsung out of the entire Arabian Gulf region.

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,426member
    wizard69 wrote: »
    Absolutely not, it is bad enough woman are driving in this country.

    I am unable to even think of a response to that.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,426member
    nasserae wrote: »
    It is not a switch you turn on and suddenly women will have equal rights. It takes time. How long it took to start treat african americans as human beings in America?!

    Well the sooner we lean on the 'switch' the better then.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,426member
    slurpy wrote: »
    No, you were not aware that it was arabic. Otherwise, you would not have questioned what the "crazy writing" was. Nor were you aware that that was the saudi flag. And no, I also doubt that you seriously believed there was a possibility of that being an "official Apple logo". Nice try, just admit your ignorance and move on instead of back-peddling with transparently false excuses. 

    Well said. Sadly, that's the thing with ignorance, the really ignorant are unaware of their ignorance. They actually think they are smart.
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    nashlibnashlib Posts: 1member
    I don't want to be caught up in the slugfest .....

    I'm a westerner living in Saudi Arabia for a long time now. Women here are treated in much much better manner than the way we (sometime) in a sleazy and materialistic way treat our women.

    Please focus on the news at hand.

    As a iOS and Mac user living in Saudi Arabia I really really welcome this move coz ice had trouble getting my macs and iOS devices here. I deal with resellers who are not always reliable.
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,076member

    iPhones bought in Saudi Arabia do not have the option of FaceTime. I thought that was pretty odd.

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    "Wow that's great news, those lucky women within King Abdullah University are treated like normal human beings."

    Saudi Arabia has about 25 universities, in which men and women are segregated. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was intended from the beginning to break this tradition (which it does). Pointedly, King Abdullah established this university to be managed and overseen by Aramco, the national oil company. Aramco facilities are about the only places in Saudi Arabia where men and woman live and work in what we could consider a normal environment.
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