Amazon halts preorders of Warner Bros. Blu-rays & DVDs in latest contract dispute



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    snailer wrote: »
    What's a Blu-ray?

    A Blu-ray is the media where you get optimum quality in image and sound. It usually comes with a free digital copy (UltraViolet) - sadly no longer iTunesfor the most part.
    Seems Hollywood is not to fond of Apple's play on only one manufacturer's mantra.
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    troberts wrote: »
    Warner Brothers has an online store where they can sell their products so they should just tell Amazon to renew the current contract or stop selling Warner Brothers merchandise.

    I get it is easier for people to do one-stop shopping, especially where remembering username and passwords are concerned, but does Warner Brothers really need Amazon? Is Amazon really needed to get a version that can be viewed on the Kindle, or can you sync any video to your kindle? Is "UltraViolet" the format used for syncing content between devices?

    UV is the format. and comes free with most new titles. UV plays on iOS, Google , Windows
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    Originally Posted by macaholic_1948 View Post

    Amazon has the best interest of the consumer at heart. But they act the role of the monopolist. Not too different from what Walmart does when they demand the lowest price in order to carry a product. There are two differences however. Walmart has effective competitors. Walmart doesn't give the impression that they want to be the only supplier.


    Well, macaholic_1948 wrote almost exactly what I was going to write, including the Walmart comparison!  Except I don't believe the first sentence. Not for a millisecond. Not with Walmart, not with Amazon. At least Walmart doesn't pretend to be uninterested in profit--they're somewhat more honest about their motives.

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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    The publishers should all just pull out of Amazon. That way as an industry they can stick it to them. Amazon's tune will change very quickly.

    They do quite well from eBook sales despite all their whining.
    Amazon has a great deal- buy the hard cover and get the digital for $1.99.

    Apple should jet us upgrade to HD on oast movies for a nominal fee
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    tommikeletommikele Posts: 599member

    I can only hope you are being sarcastic. If not, your understanding of what is actually going on is quite limited.

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    Wait... People still buy physical copies of movies? Is it still 1999? Who cares what Amazon is doing anyway?
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    Originally Posted by FlashFan207 View Post

    Wait... People still buy physical copies of movies? Is it still 1999? Who cares what Amazon is doing anyway?


    No, it's 1996. And like South Park's ice man, we're buying CDs by "Ace of Base".   ROFL

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    Originally Posted by RonMG View Post

    LOL, you guys are all forgetting an important item - Amazon doesn't make any money!! Apple is freaking loaded, while Amazon hasn't made money yet. This is why Apple gets slapped around and Amazon can do what it does.




    Also so you know in the US selling products below cost is also illegal it is called predatory pricing. I know the whole lost leader thing, but when a companies pricing activities allows it to keep competitors out of the market it subject to anti-trust rules.


    Not sure why the DOJ has not gone after Amazon if the below cost pricing activities. 


    Anyway back to the store at hand. This appears to be the new method of negotiating in the media content space. I believe DirecTV was the first one to make their contract disputes public like this and pulling content from the consumer until a deal is struck. DirecTV would tell the users they were doing it for them and trying to keep content pricing down, in reality the bill keeps rising and they not saving consumers anything.


    Most likely Amazon is going to agree to a higher price, thus allowing them to make more profits but in the same time they make consumers feel like they sticking up for them and the only reason the price when up was due to the content owner not willing to agree to a lower price. It is a win/win for Amazon and the content owners and lose for the consumer.


    If you believe anything differently, the propaganda machine is working well on you.

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    If Apple could leverage h.265 to get 'blu-ray quality' files, even perhaps limited 4k titles, with all the subtitles and features and put Extras on the AppleTV and iPad they might be able to start the decline of the physical disk and knock Amazons trick down a few notches. Especially if they could make deals on that 4k that only they can have the files for like the first year.
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    snailer wrote: »
    What's a Blu-ray?

    Ray v2

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    b9botb9bot Posts: 238member

    Boycott Amazon!

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    dewmedewme Posts: 4,643member
    This is what happens when the DOJ emboldens a monopolist to carry on business as usual.
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    Originally Posted by snailer View Post

    What's a Blu-ray?


    A bag of hurt.


    Originally Posted by pazuzu View Post

    A Blu-ray is the media where you get optimum quality in image and sound.



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    Something for everyone to keep in mind- warner is the head captain of the ultraviolet movement- and was the first studio to stop distributing iTunes movies with their Blu ray purchases- moving exclusively to ultraviolet.

    Not taking sides here, but regarding Apple- any hit to WB is ok by me.

    And regarding Blu rays- I buy disney movies through Disney movie club for $9/each. They contain 2 iTunes digital copies and a DVD. So umm- I'll keep doing that while y'all spend $20 for one iTunes movie. 8-)
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    andysolandysol Posts: 2,506member

    This is why people think you troll sometimes- you make a response specifically to get a reaction and bait.

    He didn't say Blu-ray was better, worse, Less expensive, more expensive, more convenient, less convenient, etc.
    He simply said optimum quality for sound and video- which can't be disputed. Regardless of if someone can or can't tell the difference is unconsequential- but what he said is still true. And I def. Prefer it for certain movies (not all)
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    Originally Posted by copeland View Post

    Amazon at work, fighting for the best price for the consumer!


    although stopping people waste their money the LEGO Movie is in the consumer interest :)

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    Time's take on Amazon:
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    I believe that the legal description of Amazon's behavior is Extortion.
    But because they are not Apple, DOJ won't investigate or prosecute.
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    Originally Posted by saarek View Post


    People need to chill out, if the movie is seriously popular people will simply buy it elsewhere. Lot's of choices out there people, vote with your wallets and buy from another source.


    Amazon will soon fall in line.


    If you think the problem is that you can't order a movie, rather than the fact that a company is behaving badly, you have a frail grasp of the big picture of life and need to wake up.

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    Next it will be Amazon delivering dud-parcel bombs to all those who cancelled their accounts or other @amazon via air-drone!
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