The biggest surprise...

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Absolutely nothing mentioned for the Pro Desktops except for price comparisons to the new iMac...bad...very bad.

Still, the new iMac is unbelievable!


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    katekate Posts: 172member
    ...yes, but the iMac in so short a distance (feature wise) there must be an upgrade soon, I bet it gets announced when Moto delivered enough 1GHz+ cpu's.

    This must have been day 146- the 146 error was widespread on all mac related sites in the last 2 hours. I saw a streamed image only 30 per cent of the time.

    But I meanwhile have been playing with iPhoto.

    Actually I first felt quite uneasy with the new iMac design, but since I saw it now from different angles it improves on second sight.

    The PowerMacs must get new clothes soon too, since the line now has this new refined white look. Or is that the consumer line only? I did not happen to see the 14.1" iBook, that is white too? I did not see(hear) pricing, anybody?

    This was exciting!
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    It rocks. Already a success as TechTV guy said it kills the mhz war and is now a matter of 'what can the computer do for me" and that the new iMac does it all.

    The iBook is (am I'm pissed, I shouldv'e waited)

    $1199 (yes it's lower) CD-R 600mhz

    $1499 combodrive 700mhz

    $1799 superdrive 700mzh

    No mention of tower is good, that means NEW TOWERS!! No speed bumps is a good thing! Plus a new case to match the new keyboard and mouse!! (hopefullt)
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    russsrusss Posts: 115member
    KidRed, where did you get that info on the iBooks? It looks like you've got the iBooks & the iMacs mixed up.


    $1199 CD-R 500mhz ($100 price drop)

    $1499 combodrive 600mhz ($200 price drop)

    $1799 combodrive 600mzh 14.1" display


    $1299 CD-RW 700mhz

    $1499 combodrive 700mhz

    $1799 Superdrive 800mhz
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