Apple's gas-filled speaker design could allow higher fidelity audio playback



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    fithianfithian Posts: 82member
    I am just afraid that after I set up my helium filled speakers they will just float away....
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    This patent looks like a dare aimed directly at Samsung.
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    The gas could explode and blow your ears off!

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    fearlessfearless Posts: 138member
    I've always wondered why our world, and those air-filled packaging pads and bubble wrap, aren't filled with helium. I know there's a risk to stationery suppliers - the Mary Poppins effect - but the idea of shaving Kg off the weight of airfreight packages is surely appealing. Hydrogen fuel cell cars, however, remind me of the Hindenburg... Tesla wins on that count.
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    A kind of follow-on to the circa 2006 iPod Hi-Fi sealed cabinet speaker system.
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    benjamin frostbenjamin frost Posts: 7,203member

    Originally Posted by Unbeliever2 View Post

    I wonder why they "grated" the patent?


    They thought it was cheesy.

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